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Hi I'm Cami

I am a wife & mother to 5, which includes 2 sets of twins. I am a runner, a recreational therapist and I am happy. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was an active child who came from a loving family. I was involved in gymnastics, cheerleading, track, skiing and anything that involved being with people. I married my High School sweetheart when I was 21 and we have been married for 14 years. We always knew we wanted a family but the shock of our lives came when we found out we were expecting twin boys. Nothing can prepare you for being a parent and we were no different. But slowly we got the hang of parenthood and decided to have another baby. Amazingly the news didn't seem quite as shocking when we were told we were expecting, another set of twins, a boy and girl. The final addition to our family came while my husband was finishing college to earn his PhD. This time it was "only one baby" a little girl and we knew then our family was complete. When I'm not the soccer Mom, the PTA Mom, or out on the ski hill or camping with the family. I am a runner. I have run a marathon and numerous 1/2 marathons. I love to scrapbook and be crafty. I am currently the President for our state of Recreational Therapists. I am not a cook, I can't sew, I don't can fruit or vegetables, or even grow a garden. But I love to dance, have fun and try to live life without regrets.

Why I am a Mormon

As a child I was led by the example of parents who followed Jesus Christ and the principles taught in His gospel. However I was always encouraged to think on my own and find out for myself if what they believed was true. I went to college and went through the motions of living a Christ centered life. Eventually I found myself wondering if there was only one "true" church. I found many wonderful people of different faiths and questioned if just following Christ was enough. I took the challenge found in the Book of Mormon in Moroni 10:4-5. Where it says: ...Pray with a sincere heart having real intent and you will know if these things are true. I did that and my answer didn't come with angels, trumpets or a loud hallelujah choir. It came over time, a quite peaceful feeling of certainty that Christ did restored His gospel here on the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. It's a feeling of knowing you are doing something good and right. There are times when I struggle to keep up with the demands of life and I find myself in prayer asking Christ again. Am I on the right path and doing what I am suppose to be doing. The same peaceful feeling is felt. I typically end up crying because I feel so loved and important in the sea of people living in this world. But it's a validation to me, that I matter. I am important and I have a role and a purpose here on this earth.

How I live my faith

I can live my life with no regrets or questions regarding " am I doing the right thing". I have a modern day prophet, just like the Bible of old had. He gives me guidance and direction on how to navigate this world. Ways to avoid pitfalls that in the long run will cause me sorrow. I have a strong belief I have a Heavenly Father that loves me. He listens to my prayers anytime I need someone to talk to, and will comfort me when I struggle. I have a complete social network of church members that surround me in my community that in a moment's notice would be there to help me if needed. I currently am in charge of 20 youth age (12-18 year olds) girls in our ward (congregation). As I listen and watch them try to live a virtuous life in a world with declining morals. It brings me hope that it is possible. You can stand up for what is right and good. You don't have to just go with the trends of what's cool and compromise your standards of who you are. I see them realize they are a daughter of God who loves them. The tools and skills are here on this earth to live a wonderful life that would make Heavenly Father proud. The key really is are you willing to make the commitment, have the faith and put the effort out to do what is required of you. I find in my own life the answer is yes because I always receive so much more when I am serving others. I feel it's just a small payback to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with all that I have.