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Hi I'm Nikki

I live in Utah. I'm a wife, mother, homemaker, and student.

About Me

For the past thirteen years I've been a wife and a mother. Recently I decided to return to school. Like most students my major has varied from one extreme to another. When I began fifteen years ago, I registered as an Elementary Ed. major. Since then I have dabbled in Dental Hygiene, Social Work, Math, Music, and finally English with a minor in Art. I think the profit margin has steadily decreased with each prospect, but the homework has improved drastically, coloring and reading. I love going to school but my real passion is motherhood. Family time trumps everything and brings me back into balance when I get overwhelmed with life's tasks. I love to hike and camp. Recently my older sister and I have made it a goal to hike some of the tallest peaks in our State and surrounding areas. We tackled Kings Peak in the Uinta Mountain range last summer and this summer we're planning on Mt. Whitney in Washington State. I also love to snuggle with my kids or husband and watch movies or read.

Why I am a Mormon

The answer to this question has changed many times throughout my life. I was a Mormon because my parents were Mormon's. Then I was a Mormon because my community was composed primarily of Mormon's. Now I am Mormon because I know it is the Church of Jesus Christ restored in these Latter Days. My logical side, the one that wanted to be a math major, can site several statistics that exhibit the benefits of this faith. But, the side that truly converted me was a side that hadn't been unlocked until a few years ago. Like many others, it came during a time of severe trials. My faith became my refuge, my answer. I remember frequenting my bedside, crashing to my knees and sobbing as I felt the peace of my Saviors love encircle me. One night as my family and I were driving home from a party I experienced a despair so deep that every part of me ached. I felt myself growing smaller and sinking into a blackness that was suffocating. At the moment when I thought I would shrink away, I heard a voice. It said, "I know". Those were, and remain to this day, the two most significant words in my life. At that moment I realized that my Savior did know. That he suffered that moment, my moment, in the Garden of Gethsemane. I realized that their could only be one reason for him to suffer such horrible pain, simply, to comfort me. His love for me was that strong-- He didn't want me to suffer alone. As the Holy Ghost testified these things to me the darkness started to fade. I began to fill up with a light that only comes from knowing you are loved by someone like the Savior. I started to consider how much I must be worth to him and there was a glimpse of my own divine potential. Since that night I have tried to create the image of myself that He showed to me. I have tried to be worthy of His love and friendship.

How I live my faith

One of the greatest gifts that comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ is perspective. My life can be hectic. I often find myself putting to much weight on things that do not matter. I can make myself crazy trying to get A's in all of my courses, keep the house spotless, keep the kids running from lessons to sports to friends, get meals on the table, make sure my church service is up to par, support and cheer my husband when he returns from work, and do it all with a humility and gratitude. Sometimes I succeed, but more often I do not. My china tower falls and I am left cleaning up all of the broken pieces and wondering at my failure. This is when the Savior comes to me. He reminds me that He loves me even in my failures. When I see myself through His eyes I realize that I am more than all of these daily tasks. I am a divine being and so are the other individuals that I encounter throughout the day. I begin to take more of an interest in people rather than tasks. This concept is taught so clearly in the New Testament when Jesus comes to stay with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Martha busies herself with preparations for guests while Mary sits at the feet of the Savior. When Martha reprimands her sister for not helping the Lord reminds Martha that Mary has chosen the better occupation. This perspective calms and centers me. It is a gift to be able to clear away the clutter and concentrate on the people you are serving. When I do this it is easier to feel gratitude because I appreciate what my family, friends and neighbors give me rather than what I give to them. When I achieve this I am living my faith and the blessing are evident all around me.

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

One of the blessings that I experienced came during an English course. We were reading several different acclaimed authors and then analyzing their works using different techniques. We often referred to the authors personal philosophies on life to establish a correct interpretation of their work. As the class went on I became increasingly disturbed with the ideas presented in these works. We read Sylvia Plath, who felt entrapped by her feminine role-- motherhood was a jail sentence to her. We read Faulkner who emphasized the ideal of living for yourself in the moment. We discussed Marxism and the theory that religion was the opiate of society. The more we read, the more I began to question my own beliefs. I felt ignorant and naive when compared to these great minds. When the confusion became unbearable I decided to take the matter to my Heavenly Father. I received an answer to study The Book of Mormon. I had already read this book several time, but never with the critical tools that were now available to me. I read these pages in a new light, considering the author, translator, text and syntax, symbolism, ambiguity and irony. When I saw The Book of Mormon in this light it's brilliance out shone all of the works I had previously studied. I knew that the author was divine, that it was the word of God. The confusion cleared and I was grateful to have this work as well as other scripture to help me decipher truth in this life. Show more Show less