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Hi I'm Doyle

Hi I'm Doyle: I'm a Husband, Father, Contractor, and an inventor. I love to hunt, write songs and take walks and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love being a Husband and Father. I am lucky to have met a beautiful and patient woman who has been my companion for 23 years. We have 4 boys and 3 girls our last child is just a few days old. Our oldest son just returned from a two year mission for the church in California. The new baby has brought so much love into our home. As a family we love to walk, swim and enjoy the outdoors together. We do a lot of simple things that don't take planning or cost money but bring us closer. We have a small creek near our home with a waterfall and cool clear water. We like to take a dip in this "swimmin hole" or sometimes I take the younger children on a short walk while waiting on Mommy and the girls to get ready. These places provide a respite from the world and the heat. I am a concrete contractor, we mostly pour basements for new residential homes. I enjoy the work I do especially in these hard economic times. I love to write music and play the guitar. Some of my children now play and write which is a joy to me and our home. I love to hunt. I invented a hunting product in 2003 and successfully marketed it to many major retailers. It ended in a financial disaster for our family. We sold our big house on the hill and all our worldly possessions at auction and moved into a small rental cottage we owned. Thanks to the Gospel of Christ we still had what was most important. Our family unit was the survival pod that kept us safe, happy and together.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised Catholic. My Father was raised in a Protestant background. My parents strong religious convictions led them to believe the missionaries message when they knocked on our door. Sometime prior to our conversion my mother had a miraculous vision of the Savior. When the missionaries knocked on our door and told her about Heavenly Father and Jesus visiting Joseph Smith my mom knew it could have happened. It was hard for her to leave her Catholic roots but she was convinced of the truthfulness of the message the missionaries presented. My dad also believed and eventually our entire family was baptized. I went through a struggle as a teenager where I rebelled against my parents. The decisions I made left me very unhappy. In my sadness and sorrow I thought I might give the Gospel a try. I read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know if it was true. I remember kneeling by my bedside as a seventeen year old. I felt the power of the spirit come over me and I knew that the Book of Mormon was the word of God. The Spirit of Christ has continued to attend me in the choices I make daily. In all of life's struggles I feel a peace and calm come over me that assures me things will be alright and that through faith I can overcome myself and all obstacles in my path. I feel that God is mindful of me and has considered me as an individual as well as my family. I sometimes feel I have gotten the best end of a buisness deal with God. I chose to partner up with Him and he anxiously invited me into His inner circle. I try to do what's right and when I fail I feel He understands and helps me along. My testimony is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ works. It makes me happy, it strengthens me and my family and gives me the courage to make good decisions in tough times. Being a member of Christ's church is my ace in the hole when the world falls apart and I thank God everyday He has allowed me to be part of it.

How I live my faith

I am a self employed concrete contractor. I feel I am living my faith when someone comes up and says "where do you go to church, I was just wondering because I could tell you were that way" and then we talk about what we believe. At other times I appreciate what the Gospel of Christ has done for me when I feel the mutual respect and trust that I share with those that I work for as a subcontractor. I think to myself 'god asked me to be honest and when I am I get blessed, what a deal'. I am what some would call a "workin man" and so most of my interactions with others are through work. We do hard physical labor and sometimes things aren't perfect and I'm not nice. I don't give up on myself, I try to be a better person each day and improve a little bit. This has worked for me. When I was younger I saw my parents reach out to others in need. One snowy day an elderly lady was carrying groceries on an icy sidewalk and my dad pulled the car over. The old lady in black dress shoes is burned into my memory and it chokes me up to remember my parents kindness. I try to emulate their Christlike behaviors in our day to day lives. It's neat to see our children witness these acts of service and wonder how their hearts are being touched. The church is great because it gives members an opportunity to serve others. We have no paid clergy so we receive "callings". You might be asked to teach a childrens class or speak in church on Sunday it keeps us involved and invested. I have always enjoyed my service in the church. I like working with others and the brotherhood I feel as I serve my fellow man.