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Hi I'm Graham

.I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello. My name is Graham. I'm a seeker of truth, and I'm a Mormon. I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world. Together we have five children, and eight grandchildren. Family is most important to me. Indeed, our family's eternal progression is the most important work of my life. Fun is spending time with the kids and the grandkids I think that it is my family associations which give me the most happiness. My profession is that of a CPA accountant. I do mainly tax compliance for individuals and small businesses under the Australian Taxation System. I work hard and pretty long hours. Playing my guitar is my place of peace. Whenever I need a break from a busy world I like to sit down with my guitar.

Why I am a Mormon

I have always quested for truth. As a young couple with a little two year old girl struggling to make our marriage work, missionaries knocked on our door and asked if they could share a message with us. My wife was asleep, so I discouraged them. To assuage their persistence I agreed to a prayer, and we knelt together in our lounge room. One Elder poured out his heart asking that in this home truth would be sought after, and found. Some few months later two new Elders arrived upon our door step. This time my wife answered and agreed to an appointment to hear their message. After many failed appointments due to my absence and much patience on behalf of these Elders in resetting further appointments we commenced to hear the message. My attitude in all sincerity to the message was adversarial, but after some time of consulting the Bible, reasoning, discussing and challenging almost every assertion they made, I began to see an order, a sensibility, a concord with the scriptures. More than this, the message began to open up to my mind as beautiful, loving, and wise. One thing troubled me. They would repeatedly teach a principle and then say, "I know that this is true". I had been searching for truth for some time and had come to the conclusion that indeed, any philosophy or religion could possibly be the ultimate truth but that the only way that I could know would be to have God Himself come down and tell me it was so. I challenged them on this matter. They responded that their work was not to convince us but rather to teach. We could find out the truth by the very manner which I had reasoned. They opened to me the scriptures which talk of the Holy Ghost as the giver of truth. They explained that God could communicate the truth directly to me and that I had only to ask. Well, I did ask and I did receive my answer. That was over thirty years ago now. My faith still grows, and I am still a seeker of truth wherever I can find it. And, it is here.

How I live my faith

Living my faith brings my family together. Our family loves to meet together often for church, for family nights, and for holidays. We are taught as Mormons that "families are forever". Much of what we do is designed to strengthen our family and each member. We seek a good education, hard work, the opportunity to develop our talents. There is something exciting about trying to learn something new, or to develop some new ability every day. At my church, I have been given many opportunities to provide service. It is amazing how these opportunities can help a person grow in character and in capacity. These opportunities have helped me to feel comfortable in public speaking, to teach in a manner that engenders understanding, and to develop valuable leadership qualities. As a Mormon I believe that there is a right and a wrong. It is important to me to actively seek to do choose to do the right thing whereever I am. T