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Hi I'm Anna

I like to make plants beautiful. I love spending time with family and friends, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

It's important to me to find a way too be of help, if I see a need or find something nice too do; or give a simple gift of caring. Most important not to let people who help me feel used or unappreciated! The nature of the girls in this family are care givers, we all chose the nursing feld even my daughter -in laws. we all also love animals however none of us are on a farm; so of course we are not able to fill that passion, so much. My favorite things to do are; SPEND TIME ON THE BEACH, hiking up mountains, a walk in the woods or by a river bank, I also like to fish in a lake, sail boats any where, want to paint clouds and nature one day. I like family reunions planned or not; they touch me deeply. My heavenly father cares about family like that too. I'm glad for any and all of his attributes he gave me naturally, that lightens the load as I walk through this earth. I've been on a Quest for years too see the wall man have put up that separate believers from one another.

Why I am a Mormon

One day after back surgery I was setting on my front porch, my help had moved on I was able to be on my own; two young men walking by stopped to share about Jesus and God. My favorite topic, this happened three times they wanted to give me some pamplets, I politely told them [no thank you] I explained my difficulty to read much because of a struggle with dislexia that my bible is all I try to read by I have been bibbles. Then the young man asked me if I would read his? To my amazement and excitement I said you would give me your bible, then the young man said anna do you promise to ask dear heavenly father before you read if what you read is true? because ]he said.I know dear heavenly father will reaveal to you by his holy spirt that the words of this book are true and ordained of him] I answered yes I will. Then the young man asked me the same qustion again ,and once more, I wondered does he not believe me or what, then I thought as he spoke the words a third time to me I would.

How I live my faith

I ask Heavenly father too please reavel the truth to me, in about all I do or consider to do! He still causes me to make my choices because that is his will! I have not been always and still struggle with comfort in choices: However I can say with a surity there has been firm assurances converting to the faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has brought much joy and comforting peace to my soul. My happiness and confidence has been noticeable to me and my family as well as my old and new friends. There are those who fear the change I have accepted; yet i am confident as they continue to seek God and his will they too will change to accept he is the same today as he was when he walked the earth and he can as he said in his word he will restore after the famine of is word. I seek to answer to daily situations with the truth of the written and spoken word. I believe we have living prophets chosen by God on the earth today, to guide His people through the last days I know he has reestablished his Church here on earth to day and he's open to all believers. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is that church and they don't judge one other only pray for them and seek to share the gospel with them. In my new church is where I don't feel unqualfied to do the commision Jesus said will on earth that believers should do share my testamony and lead others to the path of God's richness through repentance and salvation by believing in Jesus every day of my life as the holy spirt of God leads me. I love my new church we all have opportunity to give out what God has instilled in us as well as our on going testimony.