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Hi I'm Brian

I'm a Freshman in college, majoring in Chemical Engineering and working as a student custodian. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in every sense but length of time in Colorado where I lived for 5 years before leaving for college. In Colorado, I got involved in camping, hiking, climbing 14ers, backpacking, and marching band where I played trumpet and was part of the student leadership my senior year. That year I worked hard to bring a failing section back together and work like a family. I still play trumpet in an orchestra, though it's a more relaxed setting, and plan to play the rest of my life. During my senior year I also discovered that I love politics. Watching debates and news being made gets my heart pumping, though I'm no good at debates myself. My major is Chemical Engineering and I love it, though I'm not sure about what to do with it yet. My first job was an early-morning custodian on campus which I did to pay for my education. I have a goal to pay for my own education as much as possible, and I am willing to work early hours to do it. I also love to cook. It is another goal of mine to cook my way through college and make as much as I can from scratch. I like to make bread, sauces, candy, etc and am always trying new things. My most important goal is to prepare myself to be the best father I can be in a family with a wife and kids like the one I had growing up: who love each other with all their hearts. I am currently serving a full-time 2-year mission for the Church because it will prepare me for life and I want to help others feel the love from God that I have felt.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the Church, was baptized at age 8, received the Preparatory Priesthood at age 12, and will shortly receive the Holy Priesthood: a pretty standard series of events for one with a good Mormon family like mine. However, I know without a doubt that I am on the right path. Every time I stray from it, after making a mistake or giving in to idleness, I can feel the difference. In contrast, every time I hear sacred truths taught at church or in private study, I feel it's right. To me, it feels like I'm listening to a great symphony and chills run down my back and a feeling of profound contentment comes over me. Only this symphony is one of words accompanied by the Spirit which teaches me exactly what I need to learn. I have struggled to stay on the path for much of my short life, and I know there are things I will struggle with my entire life. Sometimes it seems like it would be so easy to leave the demands of living a righteous life behind, but then I remember the blessings I have received, have seen others receive, and know I will receive if I stay faithful, and I see all the reasons I have to keep pressing forward with faith. At no time in my life have I felt more confident about where I am than right now. When the demands of school, work, and life weigh me down, it is such a great blessing for me to have beliefs that I can turn to that give me strength and encouragement to go on.

How I live my faith

Up until recently, my participation in my ward had been concentrated in the youth program; I mainly participated in the my own age group. I did other things that were by no means less important than what I am doing now, such as visiting members to teach or serve them or helping administer the sacramental ordinance, but now that I am on my own, it is entirely my choice how much I participate. I love serving in my ward so I would never not fulfill my duties, but the fact that it is my choice is encouraging to me. My current calling in the ward is to lead the music during sacrament meeting each Sunday. I especially enjoy this duty because I have a special place in my heart for uplifting music, and I get to lead everyone else in singing it. When standing at the front, it is like the whole congregation is singing for me to hear. Before, when I just sang the words, their meaning often washed over me, but now I realize how close to scripture they really are, and I am grateful that I get to serve in this way. Outside of church meetings, I try to do some personal scripture study every day. I have read the Book of Mormon before, but each time I read a passage again, I learn or feel something new or that I had forgotten. Especially when life is hard, I make an extra effort to study the words of Christ and his prophets, and I am lifted up by what I read. I wish everyone could understand how much this book and these experiences mean to me.