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Hi I'm Rebecca.

I'm a busy mom with five boys. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

The most important thing about me at the moment, is my mommyhood. I am a mother of five boys. I swim in a veritable ocean of all things male. We play football and soccer and basketball and baseball. We're all about swimming and diving and gymnastics and wakeboarding and 4-wheelers. I have children running rabid with energy and we own more sports equipment than some stores I could name. I have every size of cleats there is to have! The list is endless. I have a fantastic husband that could not be more devoted if he tried. He's been there at my side to do all he can for me and our children, 24-7. I absolutely LOVE being married to him and thank God everyday for sending him to me. Our entire life revolves around family and it is a blessing to have such great family to be around! My kids have 21 cousins, just on my hubby's side, 13 of whom are boys! I am a sports fan and I love to read and write. I am currently finishing a bachelors degree in Literature and Film at ASU and would love to one day write books for youth and young adults.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in Layton, Utah. I'm the oldest of six children and my parents were converts. My mother joined the church in Bristol, England and my dad joined while living in Idaho. My home was not the happiest of places to grow up in. Both of my parents had childhoods with alcholics, molesting, death, and other forms of abuse and as such, they had enormous struggles living life. The gospel was the one thing in their lives that provided them and myself, some perspective. Depite how limited my parents were in many areas, they emphatically believed in a loving Father in Heaven and in a Savior. Their convictions led me to seek my own knowlege about the reality of a God who is personally involved in the pain and problems of his children. At the age of twelve, I remember being profoundly sad one evening. My parents were unhappy and fighting and our home felt like a pit devoid of love. I went up to my room and knelt on the floor and offered up all the sadness in my heart to my Heavenly Father. I remember especially asking if he loved me. I will never forget the answer I recieved that night, it was as if I was picked up and hugged by my Savior himself. At that early age, I discovered how to recognize the Spirit when it spoke to me. I am a Mormon because the Spirit has confirmed to me so many times throughout my life, that it is his church upon the earth. Every good thing that I have, or will ever have, including my amazing husband who is my best friend and love of my life, I have because of my choice to be a Mormon. The life I have, the children I have the privilige of raising and the joy in my life are my gifts from my Heavenly Father as blessings for being willing to listen and be obedient to him. My faith lifts and carrys me though my hardships, the spirit teaches me and offers me constant guidance and my Savior is there to make up for where I am weak and lacking. I would not know how to go forward in life without this gospel!

How I live my faith

My faith gets interwoven into all I do without really any special effort to do so. I deeply desire to be like my Savior, Jesus Christ. I deeply want to understand the how and the why behind all he does, so that it can be my own how and why. I love to teach the gospel! I love reading my scriptures and the spirit that flows into my life when I do. Almost everything that happens to us individually or as a family involves gospel principles. When my children come home from school with stories about what others are doing, it automatically becomes a discussion about what is right, what helps, being courageous, being honest, being humble....always something. Of all the traits I believe a person needs to be a good person, HUMILITY tops my list. Pride is truly the crutch of the fearful, the insecure and the doubtful. It also rules the power hungry. Pride destroys faith, destroys our relationship with God and limits our growth like nothing else. It truly is spiritual cancer. In having to face my own pride and in my continual repentance process, I have come to understand that loving and serving others in real humily is what qualifies us for divine approval. We cannot come before God and be useful to him without learning to be humble. There are some truths in life that should not be answered by other people and the truth about God is one of those. He is capable of answering us himself...when we are humble and sincere enough to ask in faith.