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Hi I'm Preston Clark

Grew up in Northern Utah. I Travel. I Camp. I love to Ride anything that has an engine. I love Reading and Politics. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Many of my favorite things to do in life usually involve the outdoors, horsepower and best of all my sweet and wonderful Wife. From Snowmobiling through fresh powder to dirt biking and fourwheeling through mountain trails and racing around sand dunes. I also enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, paintballing, whitewater rafting and just a good ol' lazy tube trip down the river. Like many Americans I believe in defending God, Country and Family. I have a strong belief that these three things are inseparably tied together and I feel that this Nation as a whole and each of us individually have a sacred trust to protect what the founding fathers of this country gave the whole of their lives to create.

Why I am a Mormon

This question, for me, started out as why am I a Mormon? I was born into a wonderful Latter-day Saint family. Being the oldest and quite independent I did what many like me often do. Try to figure out for ourselves how the world works. During my teen years I found quite a disinterest in anything religious. I did the best I could do to not have to go to Church on Sunday. As I grew older and graduated my feelings did not change. Directly out of high school I found employment that took me to many different states, living and working around those of all different faiths and ideologies. One of the oft asked questions to those who hail from Utah is, Are you a Mormon? I often did not know quite what to say. I didn't practice it by any means. Nor did I practice much of anything else. I just worked to acquire toys and that was pretty much life. Over the course of the next several years and after several employment ventures, many being quite lucrative, I found myself wondering what more there was than simply working to acquire things that brought pleasure? Through the course of life events I suffered several setbacks, both physically and financially, that at the time seemingly rocked my world. Life had turned from being fun and adventurous to stressful and tiring. Through the friendship of some wonderful people I began to attend the local LDS ward after years of being away. It was then I began to wonder, why am I a Mormon? Through the tender guidance of people that had already answered this question for themselves I began to discover the great and simple blessings that come not only from knowing of God, but discovering that he is active in the lives of his children all across the world through a Prophet, Apostles and added ancient scripture that further illuminates our knowledge of Christ and, with simplicity, explains how we can follow him more perfectly. As I discovered this I discovered happiness. And now I can happily exclaim rather than question, why I'm a Mormon!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by keeping my mind centered on God. I do it by using the tools he has blessed us with, namely, prayer, scriptures and fellowshipping in his church. I fully believe that if we will do the simple things like this that we will stay centered on God and blessings will flow into our lives and into the lives of those we surround ourselves with. I also find that by sharpening my spiritual character through these activities I am prone to receive insights and promptings about things I can do better and people that I can help that I might have otherwise looked over. To put it simply. Step by step I keep trying walk the path that Christ has tread before us.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Preston Clark
There's quite a few reasons contained within the Bible concerning the need of a Restoration. The way I explain it though is the need for Organization. I'm a business man and without the proper structure every business, no matter how good the idea, will fail. The same goes for a lot of different groups from simple clubs to entire Governments. Now the Bible is clear on Christ being organized. In fact thats what most of the Bible is. Its over a thousand pages of instruction on law, organization, principles and procedure. If God is Organized enough to give us the Bible then he definitely doesn't want a disorganized church. There must be structure and order. But with so many different brands, so to say, that have popped up since Christ came 2,000 years ago how can he gather his people? It's impossible because not one is the same as the other. He set up his church the way it was supposed to be set up 2,000 years ago and he did it 2,000 years before that. In fact he has set it up over and over again throughout the Bible's history. And just like he did it before he has done it again. Exactly the same way with exactly the same structure. And it shows. The blessings of the Gospel are flooding the earth and touching lives all over the world. Show more Show less