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Hi I'm Mindy

I like caramel popcorn, dancing, reading with my kids, late night movies with my hubby, and eating pastries in Paris. I am LDS.

About Me

I love Jane Austen novels, back rubs and caramel popcorn. I'm devoted to my black lab Bella, who likes to lick... everything! I don't particularly care for nice cars or totally decked houses, but I LOVE to travel. If I were a gazillionaire I'd spend my money hopping from cruise ship to cruise ship, seeing as much as I could (and eating the nice food as well!). I lived in London for four months and Paris for two in college studies abroad, and we are currently in Ireland while my husband works on his PhD at an Irish univesity. We took our kids on a road trip in France and they loved it, particularly the castles of the Loire valley and Paris. They only threw up a couple of times in the 18 hours we were in the car, which I thought was considerate of them. I grew up dancing and married a dancer. Since our college graduations we have lived in Los Angeles, Charlotte (NC), Salt Lake City, Rexburg (Idaho) and now Limerick. My husband is a prof at a university in the States, teaching tap, clogging, world dance and dance history. He loves it! We took an old barn in our backyard and converted it to a clogging studio. Now we take our dance teams to international festivals all over the world. I have three kids, two girls and a boy. I find being a stay at home mom very challenging, by far the hardest job I've ever had (and I've had a few.) But I am absolutely committed to it, as I am to my faith. It is the best thing in my life and I am so grateful for my membership in this church!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the Church, so I didn't have to look far when it came time for me, in my own personal journey of seeking truth, to find my testimony in Jesus Christ. While young, the love and example of my dear, imperfect, beloved parents helped me feel that church was a safe and good place to be. In my teen years, participating in the Young Women's program and in Seminary, a daily class of scripture study and discussion during the high school years, helped me sort out my thoughts and beliefs on my place in the universe, and to get to know Christ as my personal savior. And best friend. I am so grateful for those inspired programs. If you put anything into them, you get so much more in return. Since then, I've had some nasty trials (who hasn't?) and bumps in the road. I've known that it is up to me to exercise my agency to decide how to act and react in these situations. The concept of agency is one of the core beliefs of our church. I am free to choose idleness, temptation, sin, despair, and misery if I desire. Or, I can follow the example of the Savior, and choose to keep his commandments which invariably lead to a better, safer, happier path. Knowing that he loves me and cares for my well-being makes it all the more logical to follow his lead. And hope for the best in the future! Ultimately, I am a member of this church because it MAKES ME A BETTER PERSON. I have no inner doubts as to my worth, potential, or ultimate goals, because I know I am a daughter of God. This brings me hope, joy and peace in anything but a hopeful or peaceful world. I would not trade that knowledge for anything in the world.

How I live my faith

Our religion is anything but passive - we are always actively engaged in good causes! (sometimes overwhelmingly so!) Our local congregations are run on a volunteer, non-paid basis, so with programs for every age, gender, and special interest, you can imagine the labor it takes for these marvelous organizations to function! In my daily life, my #1 goal, challenge, and expression of faith is to be a good mom. Some days I do better than others; this is a hard one for me. But as I strive to subdue my selfishness, dislike of messes and interruption (ha!), and flashes of temper to cultivate the sincere love I have for my children and meet their needs, I know I am a much better person and doing an important work. THE most important work out there. I live my religion in other ways by serving in my calling in our church, which changes periodically. Sometimes I teach Sunday school lessons to children, or plan service and educational projects for our women's organization, or teach gospel doctrine. Each job helps me serve and teach others while developing my talents in ways I never thought possible. I fail sometimes, but I also try to be aware of the needs of those in my neighborhood or circle of friends who need extra help or support. It feels good to be on both the receiving and giving ends of home-cooked dinners, inspired phone calls, and prayers when physically or emotionally needy. Service is always a two-way road. We also pay 10 percent of our income every year to the church for charitable causes. Yes, we actually do this, in full, and have always received blessings in return. As poor as we've been sometimes, we've always paid our tithing and have always had enough money to meet our needs. It's a gift, to help others and get back blessings in return. Our church is one of the first to respond in almost any disaster, either local or foreign, with food, shelter, and service. We are prepared, and one of the results of this preparation is that we are able to help.