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Hi I'm Jonathan Davis

I'm a Mormon, and I enjoy being happy. That's why I live the way I do.

About Me

I'm a pretty normal guy, but do have some surprises. For example I've run two marathons. I'm also a returned missionary, from the Iowa Des Moines Mission, an awesome two years where I learned a lot. I also enjoy family, card games, board games, a few sports, video games, and several other aspects of life. I'm going to school at Utah Valley University and am majoring in Physics, as well as I have a job as a driving instructor. I've done many things in my life, but mainly what I enjoy most is being happy, and I've seen the gospel and my family bring that the most. I love my life, and know I'm at least in the right direction!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a mormon, because this is what brings me, and so many others, peace and happiness. I've seen, through numerous experiences that wickedness was never happiness. This is a gospel of righteous living, or in other words, a gospel a happy living. It's seems silly to me, when I see so many others in this world trying to find happiness in living the way they think is best. It never really works out, for you cannot serve God and Mammon, and find yourself happy. When you serve God, you find he protects you, he loves you, and give you what you need to make it through life. When you serve mammon, it may give you temporary pleasure, but the world will always leave you, can even hate you, and will take everything you love in life from you, in the end. When we serve God we have protection from the world, which is why God gives us commandments in the first place, to really protect from the snares of this world. This Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I know to be true, because it accomplishes happiness better than anything else in this world. I love this gospel, I know it's Christ's church, and I know that Christ is at it's head.

How I live my faith

As a missionary I get up at 6:30 a.m., pray, exercise, shower, eat and get ready for the day. 8 to 10 a.m. is spent studying the gospel so that I can then from 10 am to 9pm go and preach. This is the core schedule for every single day out here in the mission field, and we do everything from knocking doors, visiting the sick, teaching those who want to hear our message, talking to people on the street, and in general, trying to do everything I can to better the lives of those around me, by either teaching them the gospel or providing service to those in need. I follow Christs example by doing my best to give everything that I have to his children, and nothing gives me greater happiness than by being a missionary, as this has been my greatest opportunity to do so.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Jonathan Davis
Grace is the power by which we can return to the precense of God, our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ, our Savior. We beleive that it is by grace, given to us through Jesus Christ's sufferings for our sins(a.k.a. the atonement) that we are saved, and not by works. But grace does not apply to us if we don't have faith, and faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. It is only after we have given all that we are, and all that we have, over to Christ, through baptism and obedience to Christ's commandments (a.k.a. works), that shows our Heavenly Father that we have the faith neccessary for grace to apply, and we then are able return to live with him again. Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Jonathan Davis
The Book of Mormon is a collection of sacred writings by ancient prophets here in the American continent. Those who wrote it were men inspired by God, exhorting all people to come unto Christ, for it is through him that we are able to obtain salvation. These writings were compiled on golden plates by the prophet Mormon, and sealed by his son Moroni. Joseph Smith, by the power of God, was able to obtain, and then translate what was written on the Gold Plates. Those who read and ponder the Book of Mormon, and then pray and ask God what is written is not true, with a sincere heart and real intent, he will show you that it is true, through the power of the Holy Ghost. If these things are true, you will then know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is God's true church here on earth, and that the fullness of the gospel is again on the earth. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Jonathan Davis
Yes we are. Some say we aren't, but if you define being a Christian as someone who believes in Christ, that he died and suffered for our sins, that he is the reason we can return to live with our Heavenly Father and why we are able to find true happiness in this life, most definetly we are Christians. Show more Show less

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Jonathan Davis
We do beleive that family realationships will last forever, but only if sacred ordinances (or promises with God), are made and then kept. These promises of an enternal family are given by making sacred ordinances (or promises) with God, through his temples here on earth, and will be obtained only if we are obedient to his commandments. Show more Show less

How can I find someone to talk with, in person, about the Mormon religion?

Jonathan Davis
Terrific question! Just fill out the form on this web page http://mormon.org/missionaries, and we will be sure to send our missionaries, who would love to answer any questions that you may have about our church and it's beliefs. Show more Show less

Who founded Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Jonathan Davis
Jesus Christ, through his prophet Joseph Smith founded this church. Christ through this prophet has restored what was once lost to the world. We have the same organization and practices that were organized and institued by Jesus Christ himself. This is Christ's church, and only through the authority which Jesus Christ gave to his prophets and apostles, which is in this church today, can we be saved and return to live again with our Father in Heaven. Show more Show less

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Jonathan Davis
The eighth Article of Faith states "We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God." This means that the bible, in it's original and purest form when it was written by the apostles, is directly from God, that it is his law, and that by reading it, one may get closer to Christ, and to God. The Book of Mormon also testifies of Christ, and teaches how a man may return to live with him in the next life. You can know of the truthfullness of the Book of Mormon by reading and praying about it, but only if you ask with real intent will you recieve a witness that it is true. Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Jonathan Davis
If you want to increase your faith in Jesus Christ, do what he has asked you to do. Reading the scriptures, saying your prayers, and church attendence are some of the base activities we do to increase our faith. The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ, is one of the most powerful tools in building faith in Christ. It testifies again and again that he is the Christ, the Son of God, our Savior and Redeemer. It promises in Moroni chapter 10, verses 3-5, that If you truly read and ponder this book, you will know of it's divinity, and that it is his word. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Jonathan Davis
In temples we learn eternal truths, make sacred coventants, and perform sacred ordinances such as baptism to those who died, and did not recieve them in this life. The things that go on in the temple are sacred, not secret. Anyone can qualify and gain entrance into this sacred place, but first you must show that you are willing and able to keep the commandments of God, as taught in the holy scriptures. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Jonathan Davis
Everything in and out of this world denote that there is a God. It couldn't have come from nothing as you cannot create something out of nothing. Life could not exist, if there was no life to begin with. If you look at it mathmatically, you cannot multiply 0 by 2, and expect to end up with fish, it just won't happen. The scientific definition of life itself says that something must have activity, grow, change, and reproduce if it is to be called alive. If something that is alive has to reproduce, it must have come from something, or someone that was alive to begin with. This someone is our God, as he is the beggining and the end, the first and the last. He is the reason we have life, and the reason things fit together so perfectly in our universe. If you want to know of his love for you, you must first do as he has asked, which is to read, ponder, and pray about his teachings. These teaching can be found in a book, called the Book of Mormon. You will come to know of the reality of God by reading and living the principles taught in this book. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Jonathan Davis
Misunderstanding. Those who are against the church use this label to encite fear and anger in the public mind, distorting who we truly are, and what we truly believe. If you don't believe me, attend a one of our church sessions, and you'll see we aren't all that bad. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Jonathan Davis
No. We worship God and Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith restored the Church of Jesus Christ, and was it's first prophet for this restored church. He was called, as was Peter in the New Testament, to lead this church as a prophet of God. Once Joseph Smith was martyred in Carthage, Illinois, Brigham Young took his place as the next prophet of God. The keys, or authority, that God gave Joseph Smith have been passed down in an unbroken line, all the way down to our current prophet, Thomas S Monsen. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Jonathan Davis
The life of a mormon is a life focused on becoming like our Savior, Jesus Christ, in every sense of the word. It's a life filled with peace and happiness, even when times in this life are hard. I don't mean to say that we're perfect, that life won't have it's sorrows, but I do mean to say that because we're Mormon, we know who we are, where we came from, and where we're going. We know Christ is our savior and we find great peace and solace in that knowledge. Show more Show less

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Jonathan Davis
We all make mistakes in our life, and we cannot fully comprehend how much these mistakes effect others. When we sin, it often causes a ripple effect in our lives, effecting us and others on a much larger scale than what the sin itself effected. The atonement, Christ's sacrifice for us, is the reason this ripple effect is stopped. It's the reason we can be healed and return to live with him again. The Gospel of Jeses Christ, or faith, repentance, baptism, recieving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end is how we apply the atonement in our lives and become more like Christ was. Show more Show less

Are there restrictions based on race or color concerning who can join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have the priesthood?

Jonathan Davis
Every worthy person can recieve of the ordinances of baptism and confirmation into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Every worthy male member of our church can recieve the priesthood, or the power and authority to act in God's name here on earth. This priesthood authority is what gives validity to what we do as a church, and as individuals. This authority was restored to Joseph Smith by the laying on of hands. Show more Show less

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Jonathan Davis
We don't have paid clergy, or we don't practice priestcraft, because we believe in following the example of Jesus Christ, who gave everything he had to the service and betterment of others. When churches, big or small, practice priestcraft it will almost always lead to contention, divisions, strife, malice, backbiting, persecution which causes confusion and bad feelings. Christ taught that if we cannot become one, or unified, we are not his. Having a lay clergy forms a poweful bond of unity, that is created because of the sacrifice and love of God, that it requires men to have when they serve in our church. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

Jonathan Davis
We believe that families can be together forever. That not only does life still continue on after death, but that we can also live with our families forever, if we accept him as our savior, by being baptized, recieving the holy ghost, living the commandments, and being sealed in his holy temples. That's one of the main fuctions of the temple, is being able to obtain eternal life in the next life, with our families. Show more Show less

Why did your church previously practice plural marriage (polygamy)?

Jonathan Davis
Early Latter-day Saints practiced polygamy because that was what the Lord had commanded them to do. The Lord throughout the entire old testament commanded that many of his prophets practice this same law. The only way to know whether or not the Lord truly is at the head of this church, is to find out for yourself if the Book of Mormon is true. If it's true, then what the saints practiced, was according to God's will. That this is Christ's church, and that it is Christ directing this church, and it's practices. Currently the law is monogamy, or one wife, unless directed otherwise by the Lord. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about “eternal life?”

Jonathan Davis
Eternal life, as we know it, is being able to return to presence of God, and Jesus Christ, becoming one with them, or in other words, fully united in purpose. Jesus Christ taught this in the intercessory prayer (John 15) as he prayed that we might become one with him, as he is with the Father. Only those that sacrifice their will over to Christ can become united to him. Those who choose otherwise will recieve a just reward according to their works, but not eternal life, or unity with God and Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

Jonathan Davis
The Word of Wisdom is the Lord's law on physical health. It promotes healthy eating, physical and spiritual well being, as well as telling abstaining from tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, and illegal drugs. One of the most interesting promises made to those who follow this commandment, is that the "destroying angel shall pass them by". How many families have been torn apart and even destroyed by someone who is an alchololic, a drug addict, or the finiancial and physical effects of tobacco? Family ties are ruined, and all are affected, while the families who abstain from these things have the promise of protection from this "destroying angel". Show more Show less