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Hi I'm Carl

Some folks say I'm slow, others gather that I've got brains afterall. It's all simple really. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Nature has always fascinated me. Watching the stars go by at night. Always wondered what it was all for. Why we humans are so lucky to be intelligent. To have a yearning for pure joy, something beyond simple survival. And the ability to tell all types of tales. I've always enjoyed a good one. Stories, they seem to be the only thing in this world with the capacity to aid humans in exploring life. Our dreams, our fears, and our beliefs. I believe one of the most important aspects of life, is living it. Your story will be the aid another needs. Create a good one. Make good memories. Working with my hands is a hobby of mine. Currently creating/working on constructing my own kayak from a single-sheet of plywood. It's looking real good too. Every opportunity to create and improve upon something, I'm for it. We've all been gifted with the brilliance of an imagination. We should exercise that ability, to create and build. It is inside all of us. I love it! Speaking of creation and putting things together. I know that "all things work together for the good to them that love God". (Romans 8:28) I love God and trust Him. I know that, under His loving eye, it will all work out. All of it. Better than I could ever imagine. He's awesome. And I like a good joke.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents are converts to the church. Two extremely differing paths in life that somehow forked together. My father, ran away from home before graduating from high-school, later on in life he joined the U.S. Navy. He's done a lot of things and proud of few. My mother is his third wife. She had one of those good and happy childhoods that they talk about in books and film. Graduated high-school and married a good friend. A few years later that marriage came to an end. One day my father went into a local bank where my mother worked at the time. They met at the counter, and my father has always been a flirt. Two-to-three months later they got married in the courthouse on their lunch breaks. Always loved that story. I should note that when they got married, they were done with kids. They had enough of 'em as was, and they're just to much stress. Well, a couple of years into the marriage, things got stressful anyway. Coincidentally, it was a particularly stressful weekend when my father's daughter was visiting, and with her she brought an audio tape, titled 'Our Heavenly Father's Plan'. My mom heard it playing, felt a stirring in her heart. She grabbed the phone book, got an address for the nearest chapel, and decided to get baptized three weeks later. My father joined as well once he was able to stop waking up two-to-three times a night to smoke a charlie and go back to bed. And discontinue keg parties every other weekend. Only took him about three months. Just over a year later, they went to one of them Mormon temples, where they were sealed for time and eternity. They walked out of the building reckoning they should have more kids. That's why I am where I am. I am also Mormon, because of our scriptures. We have more than anyone! They're all divine, and I cherish them. It makes me a happy human. The peace in my life that comes from the small and simple things done in the practice of my faith, is found in nothing besides this. Believe me, I have looked high and low.

How I live my faith

I am not one who embraces much of the Mormon culture. It is quite ridiculous really. I live my faith simply. I live by the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have faith that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind. This faith drives me to repent daily of my errors, to accept the atonement, that I may be brought into his grace. I make a conscious effort daily to honor the covenant I made in the waters of baptism. This brings the presence of the Holy Ghost into my life, who comforts me and guides me. And all of this makes it possible for me to all encompassingly enjoy my life on earth. Currently I am serving as a full-time missionary, or Elder, for the church. I talk to strangers about what is most dear to my heart. Most don't really care. That's alright though, because a few recognize that they do have a moment to spare. And the message I have to share gets 'em everytime! I like that. Before serving as a full-time missionary, I served in my home stake's young men's presidency. Serving in this position, I had the opportunity to go out and visit the young men in the congregations throughout central Alabama; checking on their well-being and encouraging them to do and be better young men. It was a calling which truly warmed my heart, as I was a part of the effort to keep them on the paths of righteousness throughout the trying years of teenagedom. Many times a path they felt they were treading alone. The youth of this generation are devestated daily with disgusting tempation and they need help. I hope to be called back into that area of service on the completion of my mission. To aid the next generation of humanity and life on earth.