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Hi I'm Tyler

I'm a Mormon with a beautiful wife and 4 boys. I was raised in Mesa Az inheriting a pation for the outdoors, & my family.

About Me

I have a beautiful wife who I have been married to for 11 1/2 years, and everyday I fall more in love with her. We have 4 boys; a 4yr old, 7yr old, 8yr old, and a 9yr old. I am a 36yr old student, yes the economy forced me to make a change. My wife and I attend the same school and are studying to become radiographic technologist. Being in the construction field my whole life, I did not realize how fascinating the human body can be. i love spending time with my family and exploring new country. While in school I had to sell my '84 toyota 4runner; it was our ticket to paradise. My boys loved going out on trails and looking for animals. Being outdoors is special to me, I try to teach my boys a love for the outdoors. I take them hunting, fishing, shooting, and when they are older I plan on taking up mountain biking again. the 3 older boys are crack shots with the little Taurus pump action .22. It always amazes me watching there skinny little arms struggling to hold up the .22 from a standing position, yet hitting a can 20 yards away. i love watching my boys succeed.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in the church; my family attended meetings every Sunday. I never really thought about if the church was true or not. When I turned 12yrs old I was old enough to recieve the Aaronic Priesthood and become ordained to the office of a deacon. As i sat in the chair and my father placed his hands on my head and gave me the Aaronic Priesthood, I fellt such an over whelming sense of joy. I sat there, a 12yr old boy, with tears running down my cheeks from the pure joy and approval I felt from my Heavenly Father. I knew I was doing the right thing, I knew that the power of the priesthood is the power from Heaven to act on earth, and I knew that my Heavenly Father would always be there for me. I believe that our lives in the gospel are like water. If we are not constantly working and moving, trying to become better people, living the principles of the gospel; then we are still, and stagnent. Mountain streams are beautiful, clear and clean. Ponds that dont have running water smell and are full of mold and bacteria. We all experience times when we grow a little mold, but that is the beautiful thing about the gospel; through our Savior Jesus Christ he will help us wash the mold away and become clear and clean again. I'm a Mormon because I know that this church is true. I have recieved personal witness of this. The gospel principles and the plan of salvation is so simple, beautiful, and true. Jesus Christ is the head of this church and it is only through him that the plan of salvation will work.

How I live my faith

Faith is something that is constantly changing, hopefully growing. by praying daily and reading my scriptures, I learn what I need to do to live my faith. I have had the privilege to be be a cub master, and help the cub scouts learn and grow. I have worked in the nursery, during church helping the toddlers play and learn about Jesus. I have been in charge of membership records in the church, I have participated and help take the young men camping. I visited a resthome regularly, reading scriptures with the elderly and administering the sacrament to them weekly. I have had many oppurtunities to help people in an organized manner. Recently, through scripture study, I have realized that living my faith is more than acting when called upon. It is being kind to people at the grocery store. Always helping people with the door, or when they struggle. Last year I was helping my aunt move out of her apartment. there were 2 elderly gentlemen who were trying to move an old big screen TV. You could tell they were old farmers who would never give up, no matter how old they were. I didnt hesitate running over and taking the burden from the farmer who was struggling more. When I got back to helping my aunt she commented on me rushing over and helping. I have since realized that this is living my faith, looking at everyone through the eyes of Jesus, not holding back from anybody, giving my full effort into helping everyone dispite how unkept or smelly they are. My mother told me a story about being in the line in the grocery store waiting behind a homeless lady trying to count out her change for her purchase. my mother was frustrated because this lady was taking forever, but then she looked at the woman and saw her through Jesus's eyes, had compassion on her and helped her. This is living my faith, treating others with charity wich is the pure love of Christ.