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Hi I'm Zach Mitchem

I'm a track athlete, I love to snowboard and ride by bike in the streets of Houston and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Indiana and lived in a small town called Connersville. My parents divorced when I was 5. My Dad moved to St. Louis & after a few moves we made our way to Idaho. So I grew up with 2 families. I have 7 brothers and 3 sisters, 5 siblings in each house. I love any kind of sports & I played almost all of them growing up. I was a lineman, in football, for 4 years, I also have a passion for snowboarding. I fractured my back and herniated a few vertebrates when I was a sophomore in High School and had to give it up for a year or so, along with football. I could still run track though so I worked at it with everything I had to give. I placed 1st in the state for shot put and our 4 x 100m relay team placed 4th in the state. My favorites are snowboarding, track and field and golf. I love learning about how to increase physical performance and how/ why people interact the way they do. I plan to go to college on a scholarship as a shot putter at BYU, that's the plan anyway. I hope to major in something to do with psychology or nutrition. That should lead somewhere in the health field. I want to be a personal trainer when I get back home. I love to eat delicious and nutritious organic foods, they taste like "candy canes at christmas!". I also try to help others improve their health and life as much as I can. I love helping people, it's one of my favorite things to do. My greatest passion in this life is to learn how to improve my life then teach someone else to do the same.

Why I am a Mormon

The gospel of Jesus Christ makes so much sense. It brings so much depth & purpose to your life that it's impossible to imagine not having it in my life. I love the scriptures & how they have enlightened my life. The Book of Mormon is an ancient record of the people in the Americas & shows us how they were touched by the light of the gospel of Christ. We have prophets & apostles here on this Earth today that allow us to know what God wants us to do & how we can help ourselves & communities be peaceful places to live. The gospel of Jesus Christ offers us help & guidance in raising our families. It shows us principles that unite our families. It brings trust & solid relationships in all walks of life. The gospel allows you to never be alone or without comfort. It allows you to remove the guilt from your life and be content with what you have. What could be better than that, living your life so Christ can be your companion and can guide you through this confusing world? The gospel is the light that leads the way. It is the way back to Christ and how we can live forever with our families. Through it we can know what the truth is, where we came from and where we are going. I testify to all of you who are reading this, if you will show a true interest in this gospel & read The Book of Mormon and pray to God; he will tell you that this is his church and the book you have just read is leading you back to him. I know that this church & it's doctrines are true.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by serving of others. I was always taught to "leave it better than you found it". So I keep high values and live by them the best I know how. I'm not perfect, but I try. I want everything I do to show others the love Christ has for them. I serve the best I can whether it's church related or a neighbor who just needs some help from me. Currently I am serving in the Texas Houson South Mission area, (it covers the southern greater Houston area) on a 2 year service mission for my Savior. Really I try to remember the Savior's words "Ye are the Light of the world..Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."(Matt. 5:14,16) Knowing that encourages me to always do what he would if he were here. So I look for the things he would have me do. Part of that is searching the scriptures. I love to study the Bible, Book of Mormon and words of the living prophet. I've even recently developed a love for Isaiah (something I never thought I'd say)! I do what I can to ensure at the end of the day I can say "I did my best today" and I can lay my head down at night knowing the world is just a little bit better for me being apart of it. There's no better feeling in the world.

What is the Law of Chastity?

Zach Mitchem
The Law of Chastity instructs us that we should keep our selves sexually pure. That goes beyond simply "Not having sex before marriage", we have to refrain from anything that makes us want to be sexually impure. King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon taught us that "if ye do not watch yourselves, & your thoughts, & your words, & your deeds, & observe the commandments of God... unto the end of your lives, ye must perish. And now, O man, remember, & perish not."(Mosiah 4:30). So we see we need to control our thoughts. We think of so many things during the day and if our minds are polluted with pornography or lustful thoughts, how can we expect to hear the voice of God? The only way to 'live' & be happy in this life is to keep our minds & our actions pure and clean. For me living the Law of Chastity gives me peace of mind, knowing that I am showing God I value his precious daughters. The Lord has said "I, the Lord God, delight in the chastity of women". I think of all the divorces in the world & how much pain could have been avoided if husband & wife had cherished each other instead of trying to find that somewhere else. God has a plan for us & "Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan". If we can't learn to love the one that we promised to love most here on earth how can we ever hope to learn how to "love your neighbor as yourself"? We should love each other enough that we communicate, spend time in each others lives, & sacrifice to bless each other. Show more Show less

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

Zach Mitchem
In the world of nutrition there are so many voices screaming at us to jump in the new "fad diet" or "miracle pill". The world we live in is just so full of noise it's hard to know what to believe. Wouldn't a loving God step in & help his children? It makes sense to me that he would. I have faith that God answers our questions in all aspects of our life, including health. At the time that Joseph Smith received the Word of Wisdom, or the revelation on how we take care of our bodies, many of the things God counseled against were seen as good. Back then tobacco was actually used as medicine! With our knowledge today we know better than that, but back then it was a crazy thought! It's similar to today. Many see coffee or tea as being good, & having many good benefits. I'm not saying they don't, but the creator of the Earth, & our bodies, knows whats best. He knows exactly why they are bad even if we can't at the moment. If we trust him we're blessed no matter what & I have seen blessings from following the Word of Wisdom; as an athlete it's what I lean on for my knowledge. The Word of Wisdom also instructs us to eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, meat and plenty of whole grain (meat & grain are also debated today, but the Lord promises to bless us if we use them properly). We are promised that we "shall receive health in their navel" & "shall find wisdom" & "shall run & not be weary". I know that this is from God & that the blessings DO come if you follow it. Show more Show less