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Hi I'm Chloe Berry

I am a missionary, I love to laugh, I am LDS!

About Me

I have a pretty unique story. You know when you are little and you play 'teacher' and 'house'? Well, I played missionary. Ever since I could walk and talk I wanted to be a missionary. I loved Jesus Christ and I wanted everyone to know who He is and how much He loves them. Therefore, I practiced on my blueberry bushes with a bag full of toys, plastic heels on and a Book of Mormon in hand. I was ready to take on the world. As I grew up my dream to be a missionary never diminished. On school projects I would still tell my teachers that I would be a missionary and that no one would stop me. Nope, not even boys could stand in my way. The age change for sister missionaries got me even more excited to come out into the field. It meant I could serve sooner than 21! Then Senior year of High school came and I was not prepared for the circumstances that led me to make my final decision, "Would I serve, or would I not?" After lots of prayer and some acts of faith, I finally received my call to the Utah Provo Mission! I have been out since July 8, 2015 and couldn't be happier! Other than my interests on serving the Lord and my fellow brothers and sisters, I love to do "wifey things", which is so LDS-typical. Such as baking, gardening, canning, quilting, crafting. I also love to be outdoors, going camping, hikes, taking pictures and playing around with beauty products. I'm not very good at sports but I do like to try again and again.

Why I am a Mormon

Being "born" and raised in the church, I always figured the gospel of Jesus Christ was true. When I turned 8, my mom asked me if I was going to be baptized and I told her I didn't know because I didn't know that the church was actually true and that I didn't want to join just because everyone else my age was. So I read some of the Book of Mormon and I prayed, with that act of faith, I received my answer through the Holy Ghost that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is, indeed the true church. Hence, I joined. Over time I began to question God and His love for me. I didn't understand why my parents got divorced and why I was being the one punished by all the sudden change. I became lost and confused, wandering down different paths, trying to figure out myself. The only true happiness I felt was through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Through Him I came to feel love and acceptance again. I am LDS because I would be lost without my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know He lives and that He loves me. I know that I have a Father in Heaven who knows me and wants me to return to Him. I believe in the power of the atonement, because it does work, it worked for me. It can work for you too. In the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through the everyday decisions I make. Sure, I do fall short sometimes because I am human and I make mistakes. The most important thing is that I keep striving to be the woman Heavenly Father wants me and knows me to be. I have learned that faith isn't faith unless it is tried. I've found that doing the small and simple things such as reading my scriptures, prayer, weekly church attendance and frequent temple attendance gives me the strength I need to do hard things. The greatest joy to me through faith is serving others. Not everyone will accept or appreciate my love for them through serving and honestly that scares me. It is a huge act of faith for me to go out and help people because rejection is a major fear in my life. However, I know that no matter what happens at the end of the day I am happiest because I did my best to help someone.