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Hi I'm Walter "Jay" Goldthwaite

I grew up in Arizona. My wife and I have 9 children and a growing number of grandchildren. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

It all started when I was 8 years old. My mother and I and my little sister lived in San Diego. Dad was overseas on a Navy tour, and mother was a member of a small local Christian church. Everything was good, but every night while we were asleep Mom would pray for an answer as to why she felt that something was missing. Her answer came soon in the form of two Mormon missionaries who were prompted to come to our door. One of them asked, "may we visit and talk about God?" Immediately she began closing the door when the thought came to her, "why pray for help from God and not want to talk about Him?" So she invited them in, and so it began. When Dad returned home, he didn't take them seriously at first while listening to their message. He just had fun, kept things light, joked some, etc. But after a few visits, when Mom started pulling away from the idea of investigating further because of her traditional Christian upbringing, Dad had a change of heart. He began to see that here was a religion where members took Christ's moral code much more seriously than the norm, that were much more actively engaged in living as Christ taught every day of their lives. Since then, life has been amazing! Our entire family has grown closer together, achieved so much more, and felt the love of God and blessings from Him increasingly over the years. Over time it has proven to be the most important decision they have ever made.

Why I am a Mormon

Since my parents joined when I was 9, as I have matured I have found from personal answer to prayer that this church organization and teachings are pure and came directly from Heaven. Just as God's true doctrines remained true in Biblical times because of living prophets, today there are living prophets once again that prevent alterations of the truth. I have read the Bible from cover to cover as well as the Book of Mormon - several times, and I know that both are true testaments of Jesus Christ. The Bible was written by prophets and apostles on one continent, and the Book of Mormon was written by prophets and apostles on another continent - both in ancient earthly history. They each profoundly teach that Jesus is the Christ and that only through Him can we be saved. I know that God lives and loves me and everyone else equally, and wants each of us to be happy forever. I now understand that no matter what happens to us, it becomes a blessing in the eternal sense. I've grown to trust God in this way, knowing that He gives us the circumstances we need to have opportunity to change our lives for the better. If anyone doubts the possibility of having living prophets and apostles in modern times, consider that in the book of Matthew Christ taught how to distinguish a true prophet from a false one. I doubt He would have taught how do tell the false from the true if the days of living prophets were coming to an end forever! He said, "by their fruits ye SHALL know them". I challenge any sincere person to examine the fruits of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the lives of its' people, a Church which has always had a living prophet and 12 apostles on the earth since 1830 starting with a mere 14 year old boy called at such a young age as was Samuel in the Bible. Christ said to examine the fruits, and also said to "ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full" (John 16:24).

How I live my faith

Mother taught me to pray and know that a personal God would always listen with love. At age 19, I served a two-year mission in Guatemala and El Salvador - teaching the people to pray in faith to get answers for themselves of truth. Five years after returning home, I married my best friend (a few months of only true friendship before love set in). We married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple for eternity and plan to be together that long. I have found that my life goes far better when I pray and read scriptures every day. That keeps me in the light so to speak, and much more resistant to temptation in thoughts, in how I treat those around me, and in other sins that still cause a falling short. Though I never expect to reach perfection on earth, I do know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, and that through Him and only through Him can I and my family be saved - trusting in His gift of grace. I Know eternal life is a reality, and that God speaks to true prophets today as He did in times past. The world desperately needs a living prophet today as much or more than they have been needed in any part of history! I love that there are no paid clergy in the Church since inception - just as it was in Biblical times. And I love that with living true prophets comes new scripture from God - guidance that is at least as important today as it has ever been in all earth's history. Some argue that the new testament warns against man adding new scripture without remembering that God always has the right to add new scripture. He also makes it easy to detect truth such as in Matthew when teaching how to tell a true living prophet from a false one. He simply says, "by their works you will know them". He also says to ask in prayer to find truth, stating "ask and you will receive". I have personally done that to find out for myself what is true without having to only trust in man. And it has brought great joy in my life, and immeasurable blessings.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Walter "Jay" Goldthwaite
I have witnessed many instances of divine guidance from local leaders over the years. And I love the way our congregations are made up only of those who live in our neighborhood. It makes it possible to get to know each other, to serve each other, to keep in touch, and to rarely miss gatherings since the distance is not a factor. Talk about a Church inspired directly by God's wisdom! I never cease to be amazed at the perfection of how God's true Church is organized and how well it functions. Simple ordinary people make up volunteer clergy and leadership and other positions without thought of any earthly gain other than the satisfaction and experience it gives. Show more Show less