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Hi I'm Juli

I am a cyclist. I am a storyteller. I am the mother of 6 children and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a Mom of 6 children. I think that is my most important career. I have had the opportunity to chauffeur, clean, supervise, project plan, budget, travel guide, referee, counsel, and be a chef. I have always been into health and nutrition. I worked at a small hippie health food store when I was a teenager. I read many books on alternative medicine and health. I also love cooking. Although now I have to change all my recipes and get new cookbooks because my husband is trying to avoid dying from cancer like his mom and grandma. We are eating a plant based diet instead of animal based diet. I love my road bike. I'm lucky that my husband also loves cycling. I love seeing nature and feeling the wind in my hair, all while exercising. I also like to play golf and racquetball. I started storytelling with my children when they were young and found it held their attention better than reading the book. So when they started elementary school, I volunteered to story tell in their classes and have done a few stories every month or so for about 18 years. I have also done this in libraries in my area. I love being creative with crafts or events: painting and gluing beads on little paper mache boxes. I love planning birthday parties. I have done wild west, ninja, top secret spy, detective, disco, and wizard of oz parties. I traveled around Europe for 3 months when I was younger, after taking French for several years. I am open water scuba certified.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I believe The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints really is Christ’s church on the earth. I have prayed to know for myself and have felt the sweet, peaceful stirrings of the Spirit that it is right. The more I learn about Christ, His Atonement, His Mission and His Covenant with His people the more I love Him and want to do what He has asked me to do. As strange as the story of Joseph Smith is – I still believe it. Isn’t it amazing what Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ can do, well really they can do anything since they are Gods. So why not come to a young man who is innocent and who was chosen before he came to earth to help restore Christ’s church among mankind. As good as other “churches” are they just don’t have all the answers because it wasn’t the complete organization of the gospel with the Priesthood, temple ordinances, prophets, etc. Christ, who is Jehovah, spoke to His people in the Old World also spoke to His people (part of the house of Israel) who had left Jerusalem before it was captured in 588BC and traveled to America. They came in a ship that Christ taught a young prophet to build. That also may seem very fantastic and it is because if you go back to the premise that God is all knowing and all powerful – WHY couldn’t he do that if he wanted to or thought it was important. Christ talks a lot about witnesses in the Bible, so having another record that can witness He is the Christ and what his gospel teaches only makes sense. That is why we have the Book of Mormon. Everything feels right about the teachings in the church. Thru our prophet - we believe he is called by Christ to lead His church - we learn how to apply the gospel to our every day lives.

How I live my faith

Being Mormon means you are trying to be a disciple in everything you do every day. Being patient with my spouse and children, not having vengeful thoughts about the person who just cut in front of me in traffic, looking out for people who are having a difficult time and uplift them, reading and thinking about the word of God every day, don’t go into debt, be honest is every situation, pray morning and night thanking God for my blessing and asking for help as needed, loving others unconditionally (not necessarily what they do), pay 10% of our income to tithing. I continue to try and do these things, some days I am more successful than others. My husband and I decided to have me stay at home as a Mom for the past 22 years because our Prophets have advised that is what is best for raising children. I can really see the wisdom in that even if it difficult at times. We have about a years’ worth of food stored in case of an emergency/disaster (financial or natural). I also teach an early morning scripture class for high school kids in my area in my home every school morning. This means I have to prepare a lesson which takes about 1-2 hours each weekday! I am part of one of the oldest women's' organizations - in our congregation we (with a partner) look out for 3-5 other ladies and help them emotionally, spiritually,or physically each month. I am also anxious to share the truth I know because I think many people are looking.