Leka Halaeua: Mormon.

Hi I'm Leka Halaeua

About Me

I am a full time college student on a cheerleading scholarship. Not only am I a cheerleader but Captain of this little squad. I am 1 out of the 3 mormons on campus. Coming to this school was a hard and rough transition. I cried every day because I was homesick. Coming from a tight nit family made things hard because as my friends were dreading driving 2 hours to go home I was jumping at every oportunity I could to make the 26 hour drive back to my ohana. Not only am I one of the only mormons but I am 1 out of 2 Pacific Islanders. Being a minority is very new to me. As my friends would go out to the clubs and fill up with liquid courage I would sit in my room doing homework. I felt out of place and didn't belong. Many of the students on my campus noticed something was different about me. They would say I had a glow. This glow is the light of the gospil that I have in my life. I know how to choose the right because I was born of goodly parents who taught me right from wrong. My parents taught me to make friends with everyone no matter their differences and background; they taught me how to make fun out of any situation; even if it is just a stick and a puddle of mud.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because I love my family and want to be with them for time and all eternity. Knowing that families can be together forever not only strenghtens my testimony but makes me strive to strenghten it, to do better so that I will be with them in heaven. I am not perfect and nobody is but thanks to repentence I know that I will be forgiven. God has a plan for me. If I live my life worthily he will unveil it and I can be blessed. I can enjoy life, be happy, and stay close to the lord.

Personal Stories

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

Prayer is constantly in my life. My friends joke around with me when we eat dinner and always tell others that I am the best at prayers but that is because I communicate with my father in heaven often. When I say my prayers I thank God for all the blessings in my life whether it's for the food and hands that provide it, or the safe drive from the store and back. The most important part of my prayer is when I thank him for my friends and family. It is the most important part because they are what makes my life worth living. They are the reasons I choose the right. I remember when I was younger and taking competitive gymnastics; I found myself constantly in the broom closet of the bathroom on my knees asking my father in heaven to help me get through the event. With tears running down my cheeks I would walk back out on the floor and do the tricks I had been having trouble with. I realized it wasn't God doing it for me, but it was him giving me the strenght, the focus, and the confidence to do it. Since that day in the closet I have constantly kept a prayer in my heart to help me through the day, to give me patience, love, strenght and courage.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through example. D&C section 115:5 : Arise and shine forth that thy light will be a standard for the nation. By doing what is right and living the gospil every day I show others what it means to be mormon. Something as simple as saying my prayers before each meal makes a difference, also the way I present myself with confidence as a daughter of God is a noticible example. Standing up for what you believe in doesn't mean telling people that they are wrong. It's simply showing them in your every day actions.