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Hi I'm Alexandra

I am a short, blonde, crazy girl from Boston. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am twenty two years old and have wanderlust. In the last five years the longest I have lived in one city is six months. I love traveling and learning about different cultures. I am technically studying psychology although with various study abroads and serving a mission it does not seem like that. My love for psychology began when I was in High School and was first introduced to the crazy Freud theories. From there the love affair began. From analyzing my family to friends to deep introspection my psychological love has done me well. In High School I always participated in the "different" sports - ultimate frisbee, yoga, ski team, et cetera. I loved theatre and anything dramatic. I am a super dramatic person but only on things that do not matter, on what matters I am calm. I have a red personality, one that likes to take charge and be in the lead although I understand the importance of a team with better ideas that one can come up with alone. People tell me I am crazy but I like to have fun, dance to music, not feel embarrassed by social norms and inhibitions - I guess that is the psych nerd in me. It is just important to love life and live it!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon first because I was raised one. But no true story can end there. I have learned what my faith means to me. In High School I was one of a few members so I was able to share my beliefs often. Then I went to a university of Mormon students and felt overwhelmed by the sameness of everyone's faith. Studying four months in Jerusalem was a wake up call. I realized that I truly did believe in the Restored Church and that my Heavenly Father loved me. I found that praying out loud was an extremely powerful, spiritual, and personal experience that change my life. Asking questions and receiving answers changed my life. Each Sunday I would sit in church and pray to know what I needed to work on that week. Each week without fail when I humbly prayed for guidance I received it. I came home and continued to grow on the momentum that I had begun. As I continued studying and working on my faith and understanding of the gospel and its principles I was amazed by the change in me that I saw. I am a Mormon primarily because that is who I am. I have let it shape every part of me and you cannot separate the two. I think the biggest change that I have seen is the one of my perspective. Not every twenty two year old off the street would explain that we have challenges and trials in our lives to help build and shape us, it is for our own profit and learning that we have ups and downs. I understand better the eternal perspective that our Heavenly Father has for us. That is part of the reason why we have temples on the earth today. Reading the scriptures and realizing the way the church was and learning all the truth we once had it makes perfect logical sense that all of those things were restored and we have them again today. God is all loving and all powerful so of course he would give us consistency. I am a Mormon because it just makes sense.

How I live my faith

In High School I started living my faith through just responding to the questions that others would ask me. People are curious - we are different and yet the same. We seem to live in the world but not according to the same pressures and norms. How is this possible they would ask. What makes us different? Being a missionary in that sense gave me a lot of happy feelings. In High School I would live my faith through helping plan activities that would strengthen others. Youth councils as well as participating in inter-faith projects such as going to South Carolina to build houses with teenagers of different faiths. It was a great opportunity to share beliefs and ideas. Since then I have continued to serve in different capacities in helping to plan activities. Currently I am a missionary in Canada learning a new language and teaching people about our beliefs and inviting them to grow their faith and understand that love that Heavenly Father has for them and the force for good that they can be in the world.