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Hi I'm John

I'm a Californian but I now love the South also. I was a missionary. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Northern California. I'm the oldest child in my family with 3 younger siblings. Even though I'm 6'6" I couldn't play any sports in high school because I was born with a brittle bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. As you can guess, because of that I've broken a lot of bones. Although I feel blessed because it isn't very severe and didn't effect my life too much growing up. I try to not let that hold me back as I enjoy life and all the blessings God gives me. I love art and painting and drawing. I love nature and the outdoors and that inspires me in my artwork. I love TV, movies, and video games. I love college although I have no idea yet what to major in. I love my family. My little brothers and sister are my best friends in the whole world and I know that I have to set a good example for them. I think that knowlege and love has kept me from making wrong choices that I would not want them to follow. I'm an Eagle Scout. I just finished serving a full time, 2 year mission for the Church in Mississippi. And I'm a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up in the church I didn't always understand the importance of what my parents and Sunday school teachers were teaching me. I knew the Church was good and that by living by it's standards I would be a better person but I never fully understood why or why it was important or why Christ suffered and died for me personally. I was being taught those things but it never really sunk in fully. I think a lot of people are looking for that light bulb experience where the light turns on and you know it's true and I think that is what I was waiting for. It wasn't until I was preparing to serve a mission that I realized that I've been waiting for the light of a lightbulb when the sun has been rising behind me and giving me light. It's through many different experiences, both good and bad, growing up that were building upon eachother and teaching me that God is my Heavenly Father and that He loves me and that this was the true church and how important it is and the blessings that can be received from the gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of the scriptures and having a living prophet on the earth today. That sunrise was slowly building my testimony until I could no longer ignore or denigh the light it brought into my life. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true because I see the joy it has brought me in my life.

How I live my faith

As a missionary, I know that I'm doing the work of the Lord. I know how much His Gospel has blessed me and my family and I am so greatful to Heavenly Father that I want to share it with His other children so that they can receive those same blessings and joy. The best part of being a missionary is seeing other people learn and grow in the gospel. You can see the difference in them when they find out that the church is true compared to before we started teaching them. Charity is the "pure love of Christ." Without charity, if I didn't love those I was teaching and wanted them to receive Eternal Life, my mission would be very hard and I would be wasting both mine and the Lord's time. Those people I've taught and seen enter into the waters of baptism are like family to me now. My mission has really taught me what it means to "love thy neighbor as thyself." After I had served for about 9 months, I was transfered into a new town and 3 days later was in a horrible bicycle accident that smashed my knee. I had surgery the next day. They put in a steel plate and 12 pins to hold my knee together. I had to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks before I could fly home. Although I knew it would take months of rehab and recovery, I made up my mind then that I would come back out and finish my mission. 8 months later I was able to do so and now I'm back in Mississippi serving God and his children. Some people have asked why God would let that happen to one of his missionaries or that that was a sign that my mission was done but I knew God had a plan for me. Since I've been back I have taught people and seen them come to know, as I know, that the church is true. I never would have met them if I hadn't broken my knee had had to go home. I love them and now, in a very small way, I understand why Christ would suffer and die for me. Becuase he loves me and wants the best for me.

Who are the Mormons?

'Mormon' is a nickname for those who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are about 6.5 million Mormons in the U.S. and about 7.5 million Mormons outside the U.S. (14 million people total). The nickname comes from our use of the Book of Mormon as holy scripture along with the Holy Bible. The Book of Mormon is a record of ancient scripture revealed to and recorded by prophets in the Americas during the same time as part of the Bible that was being written in the Middle East area (600b.c.-450a.d.). By using both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, we are able to learn more about Christ, his Sacrifice for us, and how we can return to live with Heavenly Father. Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon was written by ancient prophets who testified and witnessed that Jesus Christ really lived and that He was and is God's Son. It starts off with a family who was living in Jerusalem around 600b.c. The father of the family was a prohet named Lehi. God told him to take his family and leave Jerusalem because the people there were wicked and were going to be destroyed. Lehi took his family and went South and then East down the Saudi Arabian penninsula. Lehi's son, Nephi, was also called of God and was told to build a boat that took them to the Americas. The Book of Mormon is a record of them and their decendants here in the Americas. It's very similar to a journal of the different prophets at different times in their history all testifying of Christ and teaching the people to believe and have faith in Him. The book is named after a historian prophet named Mormon. He compiled all the records and writings of the prophets before him onto plates of gold. Before he died, he gave those plates to his son Moroni who then added his testimony of Christ and a promise that those who read it and sincerely pray about it can know by the Holy Ghost that it is true. He then hid them so that future generations could read and know of their testimonies and beliefs. By reading and praying about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, we can increase our own testimony in Christ and His Gospel. I have done this and I know with all my heart tht it is true. Show more Show less

What is the priesthood?

The priesthood is the authority or permission to act in God's name. Jesus Christ gave that authority to his Apostles so that they could continue to organize and run his Church after he was gone. Through the priesthood, the Apostles were able to preach the gospel, baptized, confer the gift of the Holy Ghost, organize congregations of Christians, heal the sick, perform miracles, and many other great things. However, the Apostles were evertually all rejected and/or killed and that authority and Church that Christ set up was taken from the earth. God gave that authority back to the world when it was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith when Peter, James, and John (3 of Christ's original Apostles) appeared to him and his associate Oliver Cowdry and gave them that authority. Through that priesthood authority, the Church of Jesus Christ was restored. Those who hold the priesthood have the responsibility to serve others and to use it to help people both spiritually and temporally. The priesthood is used to lead congrations of the Church, preform ordinaces such as baptism and the sacrament, and blessing those who are sick. Show more Show less