Jared: Mormon.

Hi I'm Jared

About Me

I go to the gym everyday except sunday and some saturdays. I have had a couple family businesses with my brother and my parents with with us and my brothers wife. We provide commercial services in the western states. I love to hang out with my kids and have date night every week. My wife and I have gotten totally into budgeting and getting out of debt and building our nest egg so we can go on service missions when our kids are out of school. If I had it my way we would take them now and go build something or teach skills to provide for their own families. I love to read business books and go to and teach seminars on business and planning for sucess. I had a real hard time with my early schooling. I always thought I had to be like everyone else and then I learned that wasn't the case. I grew up all over the usa in more than 10 states. During this time I got to know alot about myself and others and it helped me change the way I looked at people and situations.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into this church. My parents where Catholic and Methodist until my mom was looking for something more and she got baptized after meeting the missionaries. About a year later my dad also joined the same way when he knew he was commited to give up some habits. I grew in this church with 3 sisters and 2 brothers. We all took the same teachings so differently from my parentas and the world. I went on a mission to California for 2 years and got married and have four kids. For me there was no real Ahh Haa moment but more of a here a little there a little. I never really doubted that my parents and people around me have always had good if not great intentions for me. But like we all do I had to put the word of God to the test. I have and still read threw the Bible many times front to back. I then have done the same for the Book Of Mormon. Then the other set of books called the Doctrine and Covenants ( revelations in modern times to modern day prophets like Moses) and Pearl of Great Price ( a book from Abraham and Moses). When I read these books I did like the Bible and these books instructed to know them by their fruits. I gave room by planting many of these things in my heart and mind and most importantly into action. I made my fair share of bad choices as a youth and also knew that it didn't feel like that was me. I knew that I had something greater within me to be and so I learned to try each thing over and over again until these good fruits became part of me. Don't get me wrong I have plenty of short comings daily , yeah daily. But, each time I turn back and remind myself of my true potential self that I feel inside, I feel so great. When I try the word of God I am so Happy!! I can't describe in words what it does to me but, I know I have become a friend to Christ and thats what makes it all worth it to be a Mormon, Christian, Saint or you can call me your brother or friend

Personal Stories

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

Its like a snow ball or a ripple in the water. the slightest movement can have a great or terrible outcome in our lives. With each thing in this life there are equal and opposite reactions good or bad. I choose good and it becomes easier to be a humble follower of Jesus Christ and when I choose evil it becomes easier to get lost and alone and question who i am and where I am going. The devil wants my soul as much as God but with God I have purpose and the devil i get no reward and die lonely and miserable without any reward. I get tasked harder from God to be better and to change how I act and grow stronger. With the devil I am satisfied with my lot and if I get stuff great but it never brings true joy or happiness that will fill me up and satisfy my purpose. I choose right things because they change me to become what God wants and His way are Higher than my ways and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. So with the devil I can think no great and do no greater. What a lose to choose unwisely. What a reward to learn great things and to do and be something that is Higher than I thought was possible. I love to choose the right and let the consequence follow.

How I live my faith

I help out on sudays collecting the role for the classes. and I have been asked to teach the young mens group that is around 20 -50 years old . We talk about how to become better brothers, husbands, friends and followers of Christ. We organize charitiable activities in the community for the poor and needy. We also play sports together and have Halloween and Christmas Parties. We have tons of nights to hang out with each other and on sundays we tell each other ways we have done things like Christ did when he minister on the earth. We share how we can grow and we council with one another on problems that face us. Its a great group of guys and the class before that my wife and I go to sunday school and learn about Jesus Christs teaching and the class takes time to share their ideas and experiences on the subjects like faith and love and repentance. These are some of my favorite classes as they help strengthen my faith in Christ and give me a well of water to draw upon threw the week when I am in good or bad situtations and how to deal with it.