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Hi I'm Erica

Hi. I come from a family of 10 Children. I'm the happiest when I'm with my family. I'm a Mormon

About Me

Growing up in a small town and a big family allowed me the opportunity to spend most of the time with my family. Family walks were a feasible outing for us. It allowed my parents their time while allowing the kids to get out of the house. Although there were moans and groans from my siblings, I loved it. I love nature and I felt a happiness despite the complaints from my two brothers. The walks always ended cheerful and looking back I think that is how I bonded best with my siblings and parents. My parents read us stories. My Mom's voice brought the story and illustrations to life. She would read and I would stare at the pictures. I decided from a young age I would be and illustrator. I'm now 23 and I graduated with a degree in Visual Arts. Not quite an illustrator, but I continue to grow in my talent and I hope whatever I do it will make my Heavenly Father and my earthly parents proud.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the Church. My parents converted to the gospel with 4 children born and one on the way. Their burning desire to have an eternal family is what converted me. Resulting in this happiness means that you yourself have to be obedient to Christ. Obedience to Christ and our Heavenly Father brings happiness and my parents are living examples for me. My parents raised my siblings and I has a team. Every evening was spent together unless there was activities going on. We read scriptures and prayed together as a family. We always went to Church. Christ was evident in our home and in their actions. Of course my parents had their difficulties, but they never gave up. And you know growing I never noticed anything wrong. They loved us and I love them. Despite hardships they are truly happy and I know its because of the Gospel. This is why when I left home for college I still went to Church and I still continue to go. I notice my mind is clearer and I'm a kinder person when read my scriptures and pray and attend Church. Some say there are to many rules with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. But I'm sure there were too many rules with parents who loved you, and when you obeyed you were happier. Its the same way with our Heavenly Father. He loves us and He is a God of order. Order brings stability, and stability brings happniess. Rules allow us not to run amuck and helps us to be mindful of others. Rules teach us and help us grow to be the beautiful person God intend us to be. We are all children of God and he loves of all us. This I know. My parents taught me this. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints taught me this. This is why I'm a member.

How I live my faith

I try to behave like Christ. I don't like to make others sad or uncomfortable. While at college I did and say things that would make my roommates happy. I goofed up several times, but because I was nice most of the time they knew I really didn't mean it. The artwork that I do hopefully gives either a happy or peacful feeling. Prehaps it says nothing to viewer. Thats okay by me as long as it doesn't have a negative impact. Christ teaches us to uplift others. I want my work to do the same. Right now I'm a nanny for two of my nephews and niece. I try to be the best example of Christ as I can be so they can learn to be like him too. The characteristic of Christ I'm seeking to gain is Charity, the pure love of Christ. Sometimes I raise my voice when it isn't necessary and it makes me upset afterwards. I remember how I didn't like as a child. I know though with constant application of Charity it will become second nature to me (eventually) and I can be more loving to everyone around me. I'm a visiting teacher. This means with another woman from my church, we visit other ladies from our ward. This is great because we checkup on each other and teach a little spiritual message. My favorite blessing from this is that gain friendships and it teaches me how to be a better person. I'm a better teacher and friend when I live the gospel. Obeying the commandments to my best ability, prayer, and scripture study allows me to do these things. Seeing others happy is my motivator to keeping as close as I can to Christ.