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Hi I'm Kelli

I'm a runner, a hiker, a photographer, a CPA, a mother of four, an Arizona native, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Perhaps unlike the stereotypical LDS woman, I am a career mom - always have been and probably always will be. I am a CPA and love my work in the real estate field (and no, I don't do taxes), but am grateful for my 3-day-a-week schedule that allows me to thrive in my other "real job" - that of mother and wife. I live a healthful, fit life. I love to run - it's my number one hobby - and find some of my best thinking and soul searching comes in the early morning hours as I pound the asphalt. I love to race and hike, and count among my favorite experiences our annual Grand Canyon Rim to Rim trek. 24 miles in one day, north to south. Sometimes I'm amazed at how much we can accomplish in a single day if we really try. And likewise, I'm occassionally disappointed with how little I've accomplished the next, but thankfully, the sun keeps on rising. I love photography and blogging and all things memorabilia related. My extended family has proclaimed me the family historian as it is a rare day that I am without my camera. I bake a mean cinnamon roll that rivals Cinnabon, and I credit that entirely to my mother who is the best baker I know. I love my husband and children passionately. I love to laugh and entertain. I make lots of mistakes, but am quick to say I'm sorry. I love to sew quilts, I never pass up a free donut, I'd be lost without my iMac, and I think that there's no better place to vacation than the beach.

Why I am a Mormon

From time to time I've wondered how our Heavenly Father decided where each of us would "land" when we arrived on earth. Who got to be born to a nice, stable middle-class family and who got to be born into poverty? Who was chosen for Africa and who was delivered in Alaska? I don't know for sure, but someday I plan to ask Him. And I know I'll have that opportunity. I am trying everyday to live my life so that I can be ready to meet my Savior and Heavenly Father again when the time comes. I was given the gift of agency - all of us were - and with that agency comes great responsibility. I am free to chose each day how I will life my life, how I will raise my children, how I will serve others. The gospel of Jesus Christ makes it so much easier for me to make good choices and to teach my children how to make good choices. That's what it's all about, right? Choosing the right. Choosing to serve. Choosing to love. Choosing to stay clean. Choosing to try a little harder to be a little better. Some people say that being a Mormon is hard. You can't do this and you can't do that. So many rules, too many restrictions. But I say they're wrong. Sure, we have our rules, but following them makes life so much less complicated. Choosing to follow the Word of Wisdom means I'm free to run, free to think clearly, free to be healthy. Choosing to keep the Sabbath Day holy means I'm free to spend the day getting closer to my Savior and spending quality time with my family - outside of worldly distractions. Choosing to be faithful to my spouse means I'm free to love him passionately and completely and be free to accept the gift of an eternal marraige with him, sealed forever and always with the children we so love. I'm free to choose and I choose to be a Mormon. I love my associations with good people who are also striving to make good choices. I love my Savior for the example he set for me and for his ultimate sacrifice for me.

How I live my faith

One of the great things about belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is that each of us has an opportunity to serve in our church. And we all know what happens when we serve, right? We grow to love the people we serve, and love those that we serve along side with. It's amazing how that works, but as long as we're giving our callings our "all," that principle always seems to hold true. Some of my greatest friendships in this world have evolved out of service and those friendships will last into the eternities. Some of my favorite church service opportunities over the years have involved working with our young children, teaching them the basic gospel principles and learning wonderful primary songs together. I so love our little ones. I have also loved teaching Sunday lessons in our women's organization, being in charge of the ward activities (i.e., the party planner), and surprisingly, I even enjoyed my recent calling of overseeing the music for our Sunday meetings. I was nervous about accepting that responsibility as music is not my forte, but what a great opportunity I had to grow as I participated in our ward choir and called upon others to share their musical talents with our congregation. I have loved organizating and participating in community service projects over the years and also working with our teenage youth. They continue to amaze me! It's awesome to know that there are still so many young people striving to live righteous, pure lives amidst all our world is throwing at them. I am currently serving in the Boy Scouts of America Organization as the Scout Advancement Chairman for our ward troop. My husband is the scoutmaster so it is a great opportunity for us to serve alongside each other and help these young boys grow into fine men.