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Hi I'm Bobbi

I'm a stay-at-home Mom with an MBA. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up just outside of Boulder, Colorado. I am a mother of 4, including one who is serving as a missionary in Arizona. I graduated from CU, worked for 1 year, then earned an MBA from BYU. I worked for 2 years while my husband was in law school, then quit working to stay home with my new baby. That baby is 21 now! I love to hike, ride my mountain bike (only on the easiest trails!), read, go to movies and work in the yard.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a practicing Mormon family, so I was taught all my young life that the Church was the true Church of Jesus Christ. However, like everyone, I questioned everything as a teenager, and wondered if it really was true. The "proof" for me is in the Book of Mormon. It testifies of the Bible, and the Bible testifies of the Book of Mormon. I know it was written by ancient prophets and brought forth miraculously in our day. No man, much less an uneducated one, could possibly have written that book. More than that, when I read it I feel the Holy Spirit testify of the reality of Jesus Christ, that He loves me, and that there is great purpose in the little things we do in daily life. Another "proof" for me is the fact that my church looks like the Savior's church as it is described in the New Testament. We are led by Apostles and a Prophet. God always used prophets. Why would He change that policy now, when we need Him more than ever???

How I live my faith

I try to live in a way that would please the Lord. I don't waste time watching tv or endlessly shopping. I consider my time a gift from God that needs to be spent wisely, like my financial resources. Right now I serve in my church among the youth by teaching lessons, planning activities, and being involved in these beautiful young women's lives. I also "watch out" for 3 other women in my congregation. We call it Visiting Teaching. I check in with them frequently, keep up on how their children are doing, and when they need help with anything, I'm right there. If they need a ride to get their car out of the shop, they call me. If they are having a huge family gathering to celebrate a special occasion, I offer to contribute food. If they are troubled, I listen, and sometimes cry with them. Someone else does this for me too. I love it.