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Hi I'm Kathy

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in New York State and now live in the northwestern United States.

About Me

I am the mother of 4 wonderful children and grandmother of 10. My husband and I have been married for over 50 years. (We were married young.) My life revolves around my family, church and friends. As a young mother, I was able to stay home with my children, thanks to my husband taking on several extra jobs. He is a wonderful man. After the children were in school I worked several part-time jobs that allowed me to be home when the children were. At the age of 40, I went back to school, graduating with an associates degree RN when our youngest son graduated from high school. I loved nursing and just going back to school increased my self-confidence. I began to play golf so that my husband and I had something in common and came to love the sport. Now that we are retired, we continue to play golf and boat. I love to water ski and swim and my husband enjoys pulling me around the lake. I have had a wonderful life and am thankful every day for what the Lord has blessed me with.

Why I am a Mormon

As a child, my mother always took my brother and I to church on Sunday and I tried very hard to follow the teachings of the Catholic church. I went to Catholic school through the 5th grade. My dad was a non-church going protestant, but they both taught us to pray and follow the commandments. As I became an adult, there were some things about the Catholic teachings that did not seem right to me, but continued to practice the religion. When I was about 27, I realized that I could no longer continue to follow all that I was being taught in that church. I went to a study group at the church and by the time the priest finished his explanation of the trinity, I realized that he didn't know any more than I did and neither of us understood this concept. I started praying that God would direct me to the right church. I also requested information from other churches asking for their beliefs, but found out that they also had things I couldn't believe. Holy communion was very sacred in the Catholic church and many of these other churches only had communion once a month. After about 2 years of praying, I received my answer when two Mormon missionaries came to our door. They told us about the church and we went to the Hill Cumorah pageant in Manchester, NY. As I watched the pageant, I thought, "This could really have happened". After the pageant, the missionaries came back to our house and started to teach us. I started to read the Book of Mormon and also everything I could find in the library about the Mormon church. I had many questions and the missionaries always seemed to answer them to my satisfaction. After a couple of weeks, my husband wanted no more to do with the church, but I continued to read and study and pray. I received the answer in my heart that this was God's true church. My confusion about the trinity was cleared up. I was baptized and have been blessed ever since. My husband has never wanted to join the church.

How I live my faith

Throughout the years, the church has helped me to grow and develop talents I didn't know I had. I have learned how to stand up in front of a group and give a talk or teach a lesson. I have learned how to better serve my neighbor, both in and out of the church. Right now I am teaching nine year-olds on Sundays. I was encouraged to gather my family names to submit to the temple so that those that died without baptism and other required blessings could have them done vicariously. Because of that, I have grown to love family history and genealogy work and enjoy doing research. I work in our local family history center every month helping others of all religions who also enjoy doing this research. Visiting teaching is a wonderful program in the church, where every woman gets contacted once a month by 1 or 2 other women. It has helped me to become friends with others and makes sure that nobody is left without a special friend to contact if a need arises or just to visit. I love the church because of the knowledge it has given me. What a blessing it is to know that I am a literal spirit child of my Father in Heaven. Because he is my father, we have a special relationship and I know he cares about me and wants me to succeed. I love the church because of the person it is helping me to become. I have learned to study the scriptures, something I never did before. I know that my prayers are answered and I can feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost to help me make correct decisions. I know that Jesus could suffer and die for my sins, because of his love for me, just as I would sacrifice everything for one of my family.