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Hi I'm Elder Carlisle

I grew up in Conyers, Ga. I have had a lot happen during my lifetime, too much to really tell it all.

About Me

My name is Johnathan, but everyone calls me John. I am 19 years old and serving a mission in Utah,St. George mission. I like to play paintball, and hang out with my friends. I also like to play soccer, ride bikes, and play video games.I grew up in Rockdale County Schools, but graduated from Berkmar High in Gwinnett county. Before I left for my mission, I worked at Walmart as a Cart-pusher. It wasn't the most glorious or well paying of jobs, but it helped me to provide for my family. As far as after my mission goes, well I've got quite a while to go, but the plan for now is to go UTI or Universal Techincal Institue and hopefully open my own garage. Regardless of my plans, I know that God has a plan for me, and that if I follow it then things will work out to the best that they can.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up non-denominational, and my parents were inactive members. My sister and I would go to whatever church my grandmother went to at the time, and she changed churches a LOT. When I was almost twelve, the missionaries came to our house and started to talk to us. After we talked to several pairs of missionaries, my parents went back to church and i took the lessons and got baptized. My sister was baptized when she turned 8 too. If it hadn't been for the missionaries in Conyers, Ga then I wouldn't be on a mission.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to be an example to those around me. By no means am i perfect, but I try to have a positive attitude about life, even when times have been hard. My family has gone through a lot of trials and they are still going strong. when we moved from conyers, it wasn't by choice. we were unfortunate victims of the bad economy and lost our house, my sister has always had medical problems, she has had numerous surgeries on her ears and now has silent seizures. my mother is a diabetic and has constant migraines, and some heart problems. My dad has been deaf since he was really little and he now has Crohn's Disease. I have had the least of the problems but I still suffer from juvenile arthritis in pretty much all my joints. I know that even through all of this I have kept a positive attitude because I know that god has been by our side the whole time. I know this especially because I should have died when I was four years old, but i am still here. my grandfather was killed taking me and my aunt to school by a drunk driver, his heart exploded, and her leg was broken, but I walked away without a scratch. I know that it is a miracle that I walked away from that and I know that it is because I had the lord and his angels with me.This experience has already helped me to bring several people just a little bit closer to Christ, and hopefully many more. I have only been on my mission for a short time, but i love the feeling of helping others. Before i started to go back to church, and even as I was preparing for my mission I didn't have this. I know that it is because i have started to make better choices and have gotten closer to Christ, so now I want to share that feeling with others.

What is the Book of Mormon?

Elder Carlisle
the book of mormon is another testimony of christ, and his teachings. As does the bible it tells about his ministry and how he set up his church. the difference is that the stories in the bible took place in jerusalam and the surrounding areas, where the book of mormon is mostly over here in the ancient americas. The most Important part of it easily is 3 nephi 11, where christ makes an appearance to those here after his ressurection. I know that this book was not written by Joseph Smith, it was translated. I know that everything in that book is true, and that it is a true testimony of Christ, and that anyone willing to read it with an open mind and heart, can gain that same testimony Show more Show less