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Hi I'm Mark

I'm a third-year law student. I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a newly licensed attorney with a beautiful wife and two wonderful children. I enjoy spending time together with my family. As I age, time seems to pass at an ever increasing pace. My family and I have agreed to spend certain nights each week together. As my children grow older, this time together becomes even more important because there are many voices in the world that seek to gain great influence over my children. I am grateful for our agreement and enjoy our time together.

Why I am a Mormon

It is true that many faiths, if not all, have truths and values that are good, and yet I know that it is only in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that Christ has revealed and established the fullness of the gospel through modern-day prophets. That statement that I just made should be offensive to no one, but it should create an interest as to why I would publish it on the internet. Am I pandering to a crowd? Am I trying to buy your votes? Will I get a raise for saying that? No, I won't. I won't get any of that. Nor will my bishop, nor will my stake president, nor will my area authority for in this church all clergy is unpaid. The only satisfaction that I will derive from having made that simple, yet true, statement is to hope that you will experience the peace and happiness that Christ's restored church has brought to myself and to my family. I know what a blessing having that Spirit of God in my life has been, and I want to share it with you. I want you and your family to be happy, truly happy. I ask you in simplicity: who can deceive God? No one. Who will God deceive through His Holy Spirit? No one. Yet, who will aspiring men who seek to declare the gospel of Christ for money deceive? Untold millions. Truly, there are false prophets among the Earth, but beware of labeling true prophets, false. The Book of Mormon and the Bible are free to you. Read them. Study them. Pray and ask God if they are true, and if you are really sincere--if you really want to know--if you're willing to change if God asks it of you, then you will receive a divine confirmation and witness of the truthfulness of these two great canons of scripture. I declare this, as it were, before the bar of God for I have done just that and God has spoken; not through any miraculous vision (although He being God reserves that right unto Himself to do so) but through the still small voice, even the Holy Spirit. I testify that Christ leads the prophet of this church!

How I live my faith

Church is three hours long. Every Sunday. And I like it. Why? Well, in part, I play the piano in my ward. Not for the choir, but for the congregation. Many of the hymns are very simple. Many of the members are just learning how to sing. They get embarrassed sometimes if people look in their direction when they're singing, but you know what? God loves to hear their voice. So, that's one thing. Then we all take turns teaching each other. No one person -- not even the bishop -- talks all the time. No one is perfect in my church. Many people have had and do have hard lives. Many are going through serious struggles. Many people are still making some pretty big mistakes. But they all want help. Not money, but rather strength, courage, and happiness. They want to know who God is. They want to feel that they are loved. They want to feel that they matter. They want to hope that something good will happen to them and their families. I love learning from these people who I affectionately call "brothers and sisters." Later, I teach a group of teenagers from ages 12 to 18. Sometimes they don't want to be at church. Sometimes they would rather be watching TV, listening to music, playing sports, even doing homework-- or anything else! But you know what, they keep coming back. Why? Because they feel something when they learn about Jesus Christ. They feel something when they talk to each other about God's plan for them. They feel that God knows who they are. And then they go back to their regular lives and some of them get beat up, and some of them are treated poorly, some of them have problems with law enforcement. But then they learn. Then they grow through obedience or experience. And the best part is when they realize they can change and become someone better. I love to see the light of the Lord sparkle in their eyes when their hearts take courage and they think to themselves, "Can God help me become someone better?" I love that.