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Hi I'm Melanie

I grew up in Arizona. I am currently in college studying to be a filmmaker. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently nineteen years old and am in school attaining a bachelor in electronic media and film. I love working with people and hope that my degree along with a couple years of film school will help me to start a promising career in the film industry. I was raised in the church and am the oldest of a large and supportive family. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about them. I have been to Germany and Austria and absolutely LOVED the experience of a new country! I plan to go on a mission once I reach the age twenty-one and hope to serve somewhere foreign. My hobbies include tinkering around on the piano, reading, writing, dancing, creating fun videos, and spending time with family and friends. In the past I have participated in sports like volleyball, basketball, and flagline but also have an immense appreciation for music and have been a member of many concert bands playing the trumpet and french horn. I love trying new things and will never turn down an invitation for adventure.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I want to be. There have been many times in my life where I have questioned the validity of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and let me assure anyone reading this that if I did not know with complete surety the truthfulness of this gospel I would NOT still be a member today. Any time that I have questioned a certain principle or teaching of the gospel I have researched it and studied it out in my mind. And every time, without fail, there has been a lesson or talk in church, an article that I read, or even a passing comment of a friend that has reassured and reaffirmed the truthfulness of the principle the church is teaching. I have lost precious relationships with both loved ones and dear friends due to my conviction of faith in this church. But how can I deny something that is blatantly true? The sadness and heartache that has accompanied the loss of relationships with those close to me is nothing compared to the happiness that I feel from the knowledge of the truthfulness of this gospel. There is an amazing strength in hearing the prophet's voice, a certain feeling of peace when walking the temple grounds, and an indescribable joy that erupts in my heart when I can attend church with a family that is sealed together for eternity. When asked what makes me happy in life there can only be one answer, the gospel! Being a Mormon makes me happy; being a Mormon gives me confidence. I know where I came from, I know what I'm doing here, and I know where I am going. I know that I am a child of God and that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ suffered and died for me, that I may repent and live with Him again some day. I love the LDS church and the support that it gives to both me and people around the world. I am eternally grateful for a Father in Heaven that listens and answers my prayers and can never express the extent of my gratitude for being born into this church of Christ.

How I live my faith

So far I have not had a TON of opportunities to serve in specific callings of the church because of the fact that I am still so young but I would like to share one of my favorite experiences so far. At the age of seventeen I was called to be the president of a group in the Young Womens. This meant that I had the responsibility and duty to fellowship girls my age in and outside of the church and look after their well being. As I began working with the girls in our youth group and also the sweet ladies that were in charge of us I developed an amazing love for them all! I was able to develop a special friendship with each one of them. These girls became like my sisters and I could never get enough time with them. Our Young Womens became a family and source of joy for us all. The inside jokes and precious moments I had with them is something that I know I will cherish forever and hope that they will remember too. My calling as a president in Young Womens allowed me many opportunities for service. I would meet with our leaders and plan activities such as baking sweets and delivering them to less active girls or older women; I remember around thanksgiving the nights we would spend driving from house to house in the neighborhood and collecting food for the less fortunate families in our community. These hours of service are ones that I will cherish forever and have helped me gain a desire to do more service wherever I go.

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a Mormon is an amazing thing! Wherever you go in the world, when you are Mormon you have people in the church there for you. It is difficult at times to keep high standards and not let the tauntings of non-member family or friends get you down; but it is by far worth it. When you are Mormon you have something to live for, something to keep you going even in your most difficult moments in life. You have more perspective and the daily problems you face are insignificant and easily overcome. Being a Mormon is an experience and a journey that I would not trade for anything in the world. Show more Show less