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Hi I'm Alex

I'm an aspiring writer, a lover of philosophy, and a practicing physician. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a dreamer. I spent my childhood creating new worlds and living amazing adventures in my imagination. But as I grew, I realized that the real world is often the greatest adventure, and the people needing the most saving are each and every one of us. I have learned that one of the most direct routes to touch someone's soul is thru inspiration. Whether it be from music, elegant prose, or the healing hands of medical care, I want to be the vessel that brings light to someone's soul. The roads of life are not easy. While my formal education was long and often trying, perhaps my greatest trial was that of solitude. Always a romantic at heart, I yearned from childhood to find that special someone with whom to share my life. Year after year my desires and prayers seemed to count for naught, and while I strived to ever heighten my own ability to touch others, I rarely let anyone inspire me. I am one of the lucky few that got to see an insurmountable trial (or so I thought) finally overcome. An angel came into my life, a daughter of God that touched my soul the way I wanted to touch others. Somehow, some way this angel consented to be my wife. A thing I thought for so many years to be impossible. I am a dreamer. But now I see that even the wildest dreams are within reach. I strive to provide a beacon of hope. A hope of a better road.

Why I am a Mormon

Does God exist? Such is the question weighing on many a mind. And while I was raised Mormon, being an analytical "questioner" by nature, eventually my over-inquisitive mind focused on my religious upbringing. What did it provide for ME? The academic side of my belief system is probably the most simple to explain. My scientific education has taught me one important lesson: we know next to NOTHING, and any who try to state otherwise are fooling themselves. In a little over a generation we have gone from horse drawn wagons and candesticks to microcomputers and sending probes to distant planets, things we previously thought impossible. How can the scientific community be so arrogant as to think that our amassed knowledge is enough that we can exclude the possibility of ANYTHING? The incredible complexity of the human body, not to mention the entire universe, defies basic scientific principles and testifies to any willing and open mind one undeniable truth: there is an Architect. The spiritual side of my belief system is much more complicated, and I could never do it justice in a few words here. Despite my soundest logical and academic conclusions, such things never will be enough to inspire true devotion. I SOUGHT for the spiritual confirmation, and thru experiences both simple and grand, my logical conclusions regarding the existence of God have been confirmed over and over again. Thru prayer and faith exercised I have learned that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God, and that He still speaks via his Prophet, who stands at the head of the Mormon Church. Despite the calamaties and heartaches that burden this existence, God has not left us alone. We were sent here for a purpose, and we knew that it would not be easy. We can only live by the light that we have been granted, but our Father in Heaven has provided a greater light. And I bear testimony that it lies here.

How I live my faith

I live my faith the same way I found it: by seeking it out. It is not enough to simply "arrive" at your faith. Once you have it, you must fight for it, because I have learned thru experience that it can be lost as easy as throwing out the trash. While my own course upwards towards God tends toward sinusoidal rather than exponential, every dip down is a little bit lower each time. A simple saying exists that I think adequately portrays how to hold onto your faith: work as if all depends on you, and pray as if all depends on God. I strive always to look for reaffirming experiences, to continue to see God in the smallest of moments day to day. I invoke my Heavenly Father in private prayer and ask greater blessings for the souls of others than for my own. I dive into the Scriptures, both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, searching for greater understanding of the simplest truths. I perform my responsibilities in the church as if the salvation of those around me depend on my actions. To put it simply: I never stop searching. The key to both finding your faith and holding onto it, is to actually LOOK for it. I know that God stands ready on the other side of the door, waiting for our knock, for our humble and ready soul.