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Hi I'm Spencer.

I'm a Mormon. I am a husband, father of 4, grandfather of 12 and an environmental engineer.

About Me

With the wife staying home, the children and grandchildren come over often. They're fun to roll on the floor with - the grandchildren that is. After a bit of convincing, my married children get me to help them with their car and home maintenance as well. They keep me in shape. Grandparenting is more work (and fun) than I thought. I like the outdoors - bird watching and astronomy.  Other than that, I play piano, organ and violin. We let our TV die when the signal went digital. After 50 years of watching television, I think I've done my time. Now I'm actually catching up on books I always wanted to read, mostly novels and classics. Working as an environmental engineer, I help companies track their compliance and report their emissions.

Why I am a Mormon

One summer found a job as an ice cream truck driver. The kids were attracted to the truck when they heard the music. Apparently, so were the Mormon missionaries. They turned out to be regular guys who bought some ice cream and talked a little. One of them asked me if I had heard of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I said, "Yes." They asked if I wanted to know more. Coincidentally, I had begun reading the Bible that summer. I said, "Yes." The next day they told me how Joseph Smith saw the vision of the Father and the Son and was told to restore the true church of Jesus Christ. I knew that lots of people saw visions, so that didn't impress me. They said he also translated ancient Christian records into what is now the Book of Mormon. When they handed me the book, they had my attention. A book doesn't just pop out of someone's daydream. Reading the first page convinced me this was a true record, because it was not written like something that's made up. I was worried what would I tell my organist friend at another church if I joined, though. I prayed to know what to do. The thought came, "You already know it's true. Now you know what you have to do." So I got baptized. It greatly improved my outlook on life. I went on a mission myself, to Germany. I was an only child of divorced parents. Now I've been married 37 years and have 4 children and 12 grandchildren, undoubtedly because I joined this church. I'm still glad I said, "Yes." Lately I've had trouble believing but plan to stay active.

How I live my faith

My wife and I read scriptures and pray every day, separately and together. We attend church together as much as our various assignments allow. We keep the commandments as well as we can. We occasionally invite a friend to a church, although not with much success. It's awkward to refuse invitations to go to happy hour, watch questionable movies or see the horse races. However, it doesn't stopping me from eating out with friends or talking about hobbies and grandchildren. Maybe I brag too much about those things. I'm certainly not perfect, but I try to keep the laws of the land (like driving the speed limit) and help the neighbors occasionally with repairs. At church, I have several callings. I play organ and also coordinate members cleaning the building each week. Like most active members, I visit a few people almost monthly, give a spiritual lesson and help them with whatever else I can.

How is the Book of Mormon different from the Bible? How did Joseph Smith obtain the “golden plates” or Book of Mormon?

The Bible is a collection of writings by prophets about the dealings of Jesus Christ with people in the Middle East from the Creation until about 100 A.D. The Book of Mormon is a similar collection written by prophets of Jesus Christ from about 2000 B.C. to 400 A.D. and assembled by one of the last prophets, Mormon. Both the Bible and Book of Mormon are the word of God and testify of Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Saviour of the world. Show more Show less