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Hi I'm Tim Kuchar

I am 52 years old, I work in the computer industry and I am a Mormon

About Me

I was born in Utah but was raised in North Carolina and Delaware . I spent all but my Senior year in schools where nobody knew what a Mormon was and it never mattered to me or my friends. We were just kids growing up and in reality this taught me that we are all basically the same. We all have families, we all have struggles and we all learn as we grow up. My extended family was all from Arizona and as we went there to visit I grew to love the vastness of the west. I was excited when we came to live in Utah. I then developed a greater love of the outdoors. I love to do anything that gets me outside. Living here, getting married and having 4 children , two boys and two girls, was just another gift to get me out of the house. All my kids love to hunt, fish, camp, explore, go 4-wheeling and just about anything else that gets us into the beautiful mountains of Utah. Now as my kids are growing up and going out on their own I hope that as they have families of their own that it will give me more opportunities to spend time with them and their families. Outdoors of course.

Why I am a Mormon

First, I am a Mormon because both my parents are Mormons and my five brothers and sisters and I were raised that way. My parents have always been actively involved in our religion. Anything our Church did we were there. We always participated as a family and we went to every activity and function our Church had. But everyone, at some point in their life must take a hard look at their life and where they are going and what they beleive. I was no different. I too had to stop and ask myself if I really believed everything I had been taught by my parents and in Church. Sometime in Junior High School I had to make a decision and decide what path I was going to take. I asked myself those questions of what I wanted and what I believed. It took some serious soul searching and months and months of struggling. I believed everything I had been taught. I could see all the good things about our Church but I wanted to know not just believe. After many long months of wrestling with these thoughts, and many prayers, I received the answer I was looking for. I came to know that God was just waiting for me to commit myself. Once I had done that the feelings came that I was on the right path and there was nothing "better" out there for me. I knew that life was going to be a struggle. I knew that what my parents and Church had taught me would help me through those struggles and everyone knows how hard it is to be teenager. This answer to prayer helped me through those years and everyday since. Life can still be a struggle but knowing where truth is and having it is the greatest gift to help me through life. I am still a Mormon because the teachings of our Church have never failed me and never will. And I know the teachings and full doctrines of Christ will always give me the answers and support I need. I know our Church contains the fullness of Christ's teachings, past and present.

How I live my faith

Having always been actively involved in our Church has given me the opportunity to serve. My first time was as a young man in Scouts. The Mormon Church is very involved and fully supports the Boy Scout of America and I was able to to have that experience. As I got older I was faced with the new challange of whether or not to serve as a Missionary. But I drew on my experience as a teenager and took the faith I had developed and decided to go on a mission becuase I believed it was the right thing to do. After serving a mission in Cali Colombia I now "know" it was the right thing to do and that has set a pattern for the rest of my life. I love to serve and help others and know that by helping and serving others we find true happiness. Whether roofing someone's house, installing lawn sprinklers ,replacing a water heater, or just pulling out someone stuck in the snow, that helping and serving others in this way is what we are supposed to do. We are to love our brothers and help each other in this life. I have had many callings and leadership postions in the Church and currently serve today. I serve in a Stake which consists of 9 Wards (or congregations). We all help and serve one another in some way within each of these Wards and within this Stake. It is just one big extended family with many, many people willing and looking for ways to help their neighbor, member of our Church or not. Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a way of life and a wonderful life it is. We truly are taught that we are all children of a Heavenly Father, that we are all the same and to love one another and help each other to return to Him.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Tim Kuchar
The most simple things on this earth testify to me that there is a God. Pick any simple, natural thing on this planet. Pick up a single plant or flower. Look at it. Study it. Is it even possible that such a simple ( yet extremly complex) thing like a small flower "just happened"? That particles of matter somehow collected and formed a planet? That the planet somehow formed life on itself? That this simple life took thought in itself to become something greater then it already was ? Nothing can decide on it's own to be something other than what it is. Nothing can become greater then it is without being influenced or acted upon by a greater power, force or intelligence. Dirt will always be dirt unless someone with more intelligenc and knowledge organizes it into something else. It is so much easier to fathom and believe in a God that created all things , the planets, the plants and animals and mankind then it is to beleive that it somehow just happened. The concept that all of this "just happened" is impossible to believe and understand. Every single thing around me tells me there is a God who created it. It makes sense and is comforting to the soul that there is a God in Heaven and I take great comfort in knowing that God lives and loves us. Show more Show less