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Hi I'm Savannah

I'm a college graduate, wife, mama, scrapbooker, cinefile, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a fun loving, young, adventure seeking, spiritually guided,and singing mommy-to-be! (wasn't that a mouthful!) I am 23 and graduated from USU in Family Consumer Human Development. In my spare time I love to watch movies and go on adventures with my spectacular husband and perfect baby girl. That's right, I got married at 19 and became a mama 6 months ago. We are absolutely young and naive but continue to learn and grow together and motivate each other to follow our dreams. I am loud and sassy, love to have a good time in a positive atmosphere and enjoy spending time with family. I am a self proclaimed disnerd and am not ashamed; I adore Disney! I also love to read young adult fiction and watch a wide variety of movies, my favorite being Dead Poets Society. I find great joy in theme parks and have probably been to Disney world over 100 times. In a lot of ways I am just like you. I sing in the shower, hang out with friends and work hard to accomplish my dreams. I am just a young lady who loves God and loves to have a good time.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in an inactive LDS family, so I was baptized at 8 and an on-and-off church goer most of my life. There came a time when I had to look at what I had, decide what I wanted, and make the changes necessary to make my dreams a reality. I read the Book of Mormon on my own when I was in highschool, and I knew it was true. I have a testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, because with everything he went through there was no possible way that he would do it for a lie. I gained a testimony of Jesus Christ and the love He has for each of us. Sure, I have sinned, who hasn't? Sometimes it can be hard to believe that our trials have a purpose or that our lives aren't Gods favorite soap opera, but I have come to know that He loves me and is always there. Christ is so forgiving and would do anything to help us. And hey, if you want an A+ life don't you think you would have to do A+ work? I had to decide for myself that the church was true, and I did. I went to church by myself, attended seminary, and got sealed in the Temple because of my faith. No one said being a mormon was easy or made your trials any less difficult, but the knowledge I have is a comfort to me when times are tough; and they will get tough, there is no avoiding it. Being a member of this church is why I can look up everyday despite my trials and thank Heavenly Father for the help and comfort he brings me. I'm a mormon because the gospel is like oxygen, and there is no way I would survive without it.

How I live my faith

I am a college student, so there are a lot of cliche temptations that tend to be associated with that; drinking, drugs, promiscuity, pornography, etc. Now many people struggle with these, and I am good friends with some of those people. However my faith and testimony helped me to not give in to temptation... And yes, I have been tempted, we all are! That's what Satan does! But I chose to go to church every Sunday, say my prayers, and attend the temple as often as I could. Those choices led me to where am today, but I wasnt always like this. I gained a testimony of the gospel and decided to take the teachings to heart and make the necessary changes to live what I believed. It was not ever easy, and I struggled for a while but my faith was still there, and even when it waivered I always came back knowing what was right and what I was supposed to do. It is about seeking the truth and acting upon it. Pray for help and He will help you. I am in no ways perfect, but my faith helped me pass through a long and hard trail of sorrows and brought to where I am today. I am sealed for time and eternity to my best friend and am thrilled for the adventures we will meet. As long as I do my part and live the gospel I know the lord will be ever present in my life. Live like you believe, live like you know. Act as though the Savior was with you every moment of every day. Nourish your faith through scripture study, prayer and service and that faith will get you through everything.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Heck No! Mormons are people, and people help people. I could care less if you are mormon, catholic, pentacostal, muslim, aethiest, blue, purple, orange, or any other possibility! If you need help, we are willing to serve. :) Show more Show less