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Hi I'm Aaron

I'm an IT professional. I'm a college teacher. I'm a father and husband and I'm Mormon.

About Me

I consider myself to be a pretty average guy. I get up go to work, try my hardest to provide for my wife and son but I always find challenges and other things that make the day to day grind difficult. I work in IT which means things can go from stable to very bad very quickly. My average day might consist of working at my desk all day or hauling loads of computer gear to Las Vegas for my company. I just never know what I'm going to get. I am usually a pretty busy guy since I also teach as computer teacher at a community college. I work two jobs so we can try and make ends meet. Since me time is kind of limited I try to spend as much time as I can relaxing. Sometimes I just veg with my wife on the couch and watch a movie or play some video games to unwind after a busy day. I was born into a pretty average family. We didn't really have a lot growing up besides each other. My dad did his best and to me I think that's all I really care about. When I was about 6 my dad went to Albuquerque on business. He was there for a few days and everyone was really happy with the job he was doing. But one day he didn't come in to work. After several hours his company went to the hotel to figure out why he wasn't at work and figured out he had passed away in the night. Living my life without a father made things really really hard.

Why I am a Mormon

Not having my dad in my life made some pretty significant changes for me. All my buddies had dads to take them camping, show them how to fix cars, go fishing, or any of that normal stuff. I didn't have any of that anymore. I was too young to really remember what he was like or any of that. Not having my dad around was really hard for my mom too. She had to work really hard to provide for 5 kids. She taught me a lot about life by just getting through each day by herself. The one thing that keeps me going through all the hard stuff is knowing that now I get to be the dad I never got to have. I get to be there for my son and my wife and watch him graduate high school or go on a first date. When I have a hard day at work I think about how I get to go home and see my family at the end of the day. Losing my dad helped me to realize how fragile life is. One minute we are here working and breathing an the next it could all be over. More than anything I want to be with my family forever. We are not the most perfect family but despite our problems we love each other. I don't want my family to end with "till death do you part". My beliefs let me know that even though my dad has been out of my life for so long, I can see him again. I can be with my family after this life and be genuinely happy. I cant think of heaven being a great place without my family.

How I live my faith

The biggest way I can show gratitude to my father in heaven for my family is by helping his. When i see others in need I try and do the best I can to help them. When I see a lady carrying a lot of groceries to her car, I offer to help. When I see someone pushing their car to a gas station, I usually stop and help push. I think this is the way Jesus Christ would have lived his life and I think its the way he would want me to take care of those around me. I live my life trying to help college kids get a better job not by just teaching a class but by teaching them skills that will make them a valuable employee to someone. Its like the old saying goes, if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day but if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime. Since I know a lot about computers I get a lot of people hitting me up for help with their own computer problems. I keep a lot of old computer parts lying around (which makes my wife really happy). I will typically have something I can give to someone when they have their computer break either some pieces or parts or even or even a full computer. Its not usually the nicest stuff but it sure beats having something that's broken. By helping people in need we show god we love him and it makes us better people. I know if my family was in need this is what I would want someone to do for them.