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Hi I'm Jim

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Jim and I'm about to turn sixty even though I don't feel that old. I am a dentist and also have an interest in shooting which started when I was very young living in Germany. Dad would regularly take the family to the rifle range and teach us the fundamentals. My sophomore year of high school found us in Leavenworth, Kansas where Jr ROTC was mandatory. One side benefit was the opportunity to compete to be on the rifle team, shooting small bore 22 cal. rifles. One year followed another from high school to college traveling from one match to the next. I suppose I dwell on this subject because it brings me to the fateful day that I turned around in a darkened, underground rifle range and dimly saw the dark haired, dark eyed girl that would be with me from then on. She was to be the fourth person on the college team that no one had yet met. All we knew was that "he" was from Alaska and was a very good shot. Within a year or so we were married and that's going on thirty-six years with six daughters and twelve grandchildren to show for it. It is sure true that our fate and futures swing on small hinges. The desire that my dad had that his children knew how to shoot has blessed my life beyond words can express.

Why I am a Mormon

To answer this question my thoughts go to the New Testament when the Savior, after feeding the multitude with the loaves and fish, sees many who had followed after Him turn and chose to go to their previous lives and way of living. He asks those closest to Him if they will go away as well. He is answered paraphrasing, "Where would we then go, for yours are the words of life." I am a member of this church because it continually gives me life. It never feels old and out of date. There Is always a newness to it because for those who seek to know more and feel more and grow closer to our Heavenly Father he doesn't disappoint. Again going to the scriptures Jesus asks if a father seeing that his child wishes bread, would he give him a stone? No, a father feeds his children and so it is with us. We simply need to desire a greater depth of understanding and He gives it through His spirit. To me this is the answer to the problems this world struggles with and it is a pleasure to be a small part of it. I hope I'll be able to be a light to guide someone here to see what the Savior has in store for them.

How I live my faith

I suppose that when a person chooses to follow the Savior it might be that there is action involved. As a result of belonging to this wonderful church I have been called upon to leave home and family in order to serve someone else. In my mind I sometimes think of days long past when a benevolent king called upon his chosen knights to perform a worthy deed and they would indeed go and, without pay, do what was required and more. The days I've spent boy scouting, weeding sugar beets at the church farm, sitting with someone who aches inside, or any number of other acts I've been asked to do, gives me a little bit of the sense that maybe I'm important to this other kingdom. The Kingdom of God is once again here on earth and through it's organization we have the opportunity to enlarge and magnify ourselves in His name. My greatest enjoyment has been my association with the youth and seeing them now sacrifice their time in serving and teaching the next generation. I currently teach a class meant primarily for those who want to learn the fundamental tenets of this faith. It brings me a lot of happiness seeing them exposed to things that many times they already believed but hadn't yet heard it taught. I also have a responsibility to my grandchildren to be a help to their parents so they feel they have a strong foundation of faith to build on.