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Hi I'm Daniel Carter

I am a professional modern dancer, I love to bake, run, hand drum, play piano, and discuss philosophy. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a passionate dancer and musician. For five years growing up I studied ballroom dancing, then when I got to college I discovered modern dance, clogging, and cabaret and fell in love with them (especially modern). I graduated with my degree in Social Work but have now moved out to Washington DC to pursue a career in dance. I am currently on a professional modern dance company, and I make a living off of the performing arts world! Along with that I love to play piano and the hand drums. I taught myself both of them and have come to love the personal freedom I feel when I play and am able to express myself through those instruments. So I guess you could say I am one who loves expression through other mediums besides just talking. I plan on doing all I can to be able to help others find their own creativity and their own individuality so that they can have that oneness in themselves, but especially so that they can have a oneness with their mind, spirit, and body. I love to perform and teach to help others think deeper about life and hopefully to shape their perspective. I believe through this journey to find oneness in ourselves we will find God and create a true relationship with Him and thus find fullness in life and in our own talents and abilities that we have been blessed with.

Why I am a Mormon

So I was raised Mormon, but the interesting thing for me is when I was about 14 years old then I didn't really see the importance of it because I didn't know it was true. So I just sort of acted like I was Mormon when I was at church or my parents were around and then I just didn't what I wanted. It wasn't until I was 16 that I realized that my life wasn't happy and that their were sins that I had that really weighed me down just because they didn't make me feel good. It wasn't until I saw this girl who was a very active strong Mormon, and I was amazed by the joy and peace she had in her life, and I realized it was stemming from her faith and from her living the gospel of the Mormon church. It was then that I made it my personal goal to find for myself if it was really true. So I read the Book of Mormon all the way through in about 3 months and then prayed in my room, and I received that confirming witness that the book was true, that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this church is Christ's church. It was an amazing experience for me and I suddenly I had the motivation and strength to change my life; so I did. I cleaned up those sins that were holding me down and, with all my heart, lived what I had come to know is true. Since then my life has progressed immensely, I went on a mission, came back and have been doing college studying social work and dance, and I have found that God and His gospel have heavily influenced my perception of everything and how I live my life, and it has brought me great joy. When I dance I am dancing for God. When I choreograph I am looking to help provoke thought and questions in people's minds to help them come to know who God is and what kind of God He is as well for them personally. I know this gospel is true and that it can change anyone's life, and give you a wholeness to your life where you will feel secure and grounded in yourself because of that relationship with your Heavenly Father.

How I live my faith

So since I am single I go to a young single adult ward where all of us are between 18 and 30 years old. In my ward then the main thing that I help with is I help organize activities for Family Home Evening (FHE). FHE is a program in the church that is every monday night to bring people together (in our case a group of single adults, but usually families have it) to learn spiritually from each other and to interact and get to know each other better. This is a wonderful experience because I get to help people get to know each other and build new friendships that are based on good moral principles and on God. Along with this I would have to say that one of the major ways I live my faith is through how I do my best to include God and Jesus in everything I create. What I mean by this is when I am writing a piano piece, or choreographing a dance piece or playing my hand drums, I am usually not just trying to put together something entertaining, I am seeking out what is pleasing to God. This doesn't mean that I can't pose hard questions through my artistic creations, but it means that I am not looking to offend God, I am looking to have the spirit there with any of my creations for it is there that hearts are touched and a deeper personal connection can be created with the audience. So I live my faith by having it be a prominent part of my personal expression, showing that I am not ashamed of God, and that I truly do believe that He plays a factor in every thing around us. I have found that no matter who you are, if you are striving to have God in your life at all times that others will notice and you will influence others for good and help them, just through your personal example, find that connection with God themselves.