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Hi I'm Jody

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and now a widow, a mother of 5, a grandmother of 12, a Social Worker, a Texan and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a social worker with a bright, cheerful outlook on life. I am a glass is 1/2 full kind of person. I love to cook for mobs of people and most Sundays we sit 20+ people down to dinner at my home. I love cooking and have even written a family cookbook. I love to explore new places and travel. I am the person in the elevator that is humming along to the piped in music and sometimes singing along.. much to the dismay of my children. I have been dubbed the "energizer bunny" and the "white tornado" by those that have worked with me. I love live theater and if it is a musical I am enthralled and probably humming along. I am outgoing and easy to talk with and have spent most of my life raising my family and serving others. I hope to spend all the days of my life the same way. I love any activity where I can talk and get to know others. I am devoted to my family and find that the greatest joys in my life are connected with them. I love music - classical, easy listening, country, .. ie Lonestar, Faith Hill Josh Groban, Michael Buble,Celtic Woman, Hillary Weeks. I love a day in nature.. but am not a backpacking kind of gal. But watching a sunset, walking along a beach, watching a storm roll in or being in the mountains for a day is solace for the soul. I love to try new restaurants and foods... but draw the line on bugs...boiled, deep fried or dipped in chocolate.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a 1st generation convert to the church..40 years ago in Austin, TX. When I found the gospel it as like coming home to the truths that I always knew in my heart. There has never been any looking back. When I was a young girl I was always looking for the right church. I always wanted to know about my Heavenly Father and I went looking for someone that could help me. I went to church after church and asked my questions....... "Where did I come from?" ... "Where am I going after this life?".. "How does God answer Prayers?"... "Does God Really know who I am or care about me.. individually?".... "What is God like?" I asked my questions one after another in what every church I could get to . I would walk to neighborhood churches or catch a ride with my friends. But when I would ask my questions there were only two answers "it is a sin to question God" or "that is one of the mysteries of God". However, when I was invited to listen to the LDS Missionaries they had answers.. answers that made sense to me. But it was when they taught me the doctrine "Families can be together forever" that I had a powerful experience that let me know that the church was true. I always knew families were important and that idea coupled with the idea that every person on the earth would get the opportunity to hear the gospel and to have the all the blessings that God could offer through temple work.... I then knew that God loved his children... every single one of us. He wanted to give every good gift to all his children in every city, in every country, on every continent and in every dispensation of time. Every person who every lived would have the chance for every blessing of God. I knew that I had found the church of God .. it made same sense, it answered all my questions about God and his relationship with each of us. I understood that He is my Father and I am His daughter and he loves me. I had found my way home. I had found the God of love.

How I live my faith

In the church we are all asked to help with the work of the church. I believe that we are God's hands here on the earth to bless and strengthen others. I have served in just about every organization of the church. I have worked with the children teaching, as a cub scout leader and as a President of the program.I have worked with the young women as a camp director, a teacher and as a member of the Presidency. I have worked with the women in the service organization where we organized the women together to perform acts of service for each other and the community. We have completed blankets for Kosovo refugees, hygiene kits for the Tsunami victims, "Lovies" and Procedure pillows for Cook Children's hospital and dozens of other projects in the community and the world. I have been a part of the visiting teaching program where I am assigned 3-4 women to visit and watch over each month. Right now I am serving as the secretary of the women's service organization in my congregation who's motto is "Charity Never Faileth." But one of my favorite opportunities for service was to teach the High School teenagers the gospel at 5:30 a.m. each morning, Monday - Friday during the school year. Our youth gather together to study the scriptures in the morning before they go to school so that they are better prepared to meet the challenges that High School can offer on a regular basis. It was a joy to be a part of helping the youth to "put on the whole armor of God" each morning before they went to school. During the past years I have also served in the community as a room mother, fund raising chairman, PTA Board member, and PTA president at the Elementary and Jr. High Levels. I have tried to find ways to thank God everyday of my life for the blessings of the gospel by living a life that shows my love for Him. I truly believe that "when ye are in the service of your fellowbeings ye are only in the service of your God"

What blessings can we receive through the gift of the Holy Ghost?

The Gift of the Holy Ghost can bless our life is so many ways. Probably the most remarkable time I can remember this blessing being manifest was after my husband died. The Holy Ghost is often referred to as "the comforter". During this very hard time in my life that role became evident as the Holy Ghost bore witness to me over and over again that my husband was not gone forever.. just gone ahead to prepare a place. The feelings of comfort and reassurance were powerful and lingering. The Holy Ghost stills comes and comforts and confirms the truth to me that "families are forever" and because of the covenants I have made with my husband and with the Lord, we will be together again. Show more Show less