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Hi I'm sara

I'm a Mormon, not because I was born into a Mormon family and that was how I was raised, but because I choose to be.

About Me

I am a wife, mother, Reistered Nurse, and a Mormon. If one of these things were to be taken away, I would no longer be me. My life is simple, strait forward and fairly routine. At the same time I find myself overwhelmed with everything there is to do. As a wife, I support my husband in his church calling as Bishop and in his career. He is very busy and I am sad at times that he is not home as much as I would like, but this is what is needed and I know it is what the Lord wants us to do. As a mother I try to raise our 5 children to the best of my ability. I try to provide a stable home life, cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, and making our home a shelter from the world. I encourage my children to participate in a variety of activites from school, sports, girl scouts, boyscouts, piano lessons and what ever else they find interesting. This often means I'm not at home as much as I would like, but I feel as we work together and support each other in our various activites our family is strengthened. I have always wanted to be a Nurse. To me it is more than a job, it is a calling. Not that I am anything special in my work, but it is something I truly love to do. I work for a Home Care agency which allows me a more flexible schedule to accomodate my family needs. I work 2 days a week, sometimes more if needed, but this time away from home helps me appreciate my family more. I'm not perfect but my faith keeps me going and encourages me to do better.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in the same small town that my parents were raised in. I went to the same High School as my parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. My family was well known for two things, having a large family and being Mormon. But being Mormon was not just what church I went to it was a lifestyle that I was expected to follow. Everyone knows that Mormons don't drink, smoke, do drugs, swear, or engage in sexual promiscuity. I am grateful that my family that had gone on before me set such good examples. By the time I got to High School it was a well-blazed trail and all I had to do was follow it. As long as I stayed within the guidlines that the church set for me, no one questioned or even pressured me to do anything but what was expected of me. I still had to make my own choices. I am not saying my High School life was easy, far from. I made plenty of mistakes, but becuase of my understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I truly learned the power of repentance. I had wonderful church leaders and an amazing family that helped me through my problems I was able to see the benefits of living the standards of the church verses living the ways of the world at a young age. It could be said that by living the lifestyle set by the church I am limited in my choices, but I know that by doing what I know is right, I am free. Now I do my best to live by the standards of the church, not becuase it is expected or becaue that is what my family does, but because I choose it. I am truely happy and my life is blessed.

How I live my faith

My callings in the church are teaching the 3-4 year old children and choir director. I am not a particularly talented singer and I don't have a great knowledge of music, but I enjoy what I do and when I do my best the Lord helps make up for what is lacking. I love teaching the children. They have such sweet spirits and amaizing insights to scripture stories and lessons. I know they teach me as much as I teach them. At work all my co-workers know I am "Mormon" and they occasionally ask me questions about the church and I will answer them but there is never any akwardness. We are all just people doing the best we can with what we have. I try to be a good example and live the way I am suppose to, quietly doing what the Lord would have me do. I know there is more I could and should do as far as missionary work, but I take it one day at a time. In my spare time I volunteer at my children's school and I occasionally get a chance to go to the quilting group through our church. These are great oportunites for service and appreciate the time I get to spend with those close to our family. I have lived in the area for 14 years now and I have a wonderful network of friends that I work with and serve with both in and out of the LDS church. I love how service can bring people together no their faith, race, or gender. I love my community and the people in it. I appreciate the efforts the Latter-Day Saint church has made recently to reach out to and work with other faiths to serve in thier communites. I hope to do more as time allows.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

I am a daughter of God, born to be a Queen in his Kingdom. I am strong. I am faithful. I am educated. I work hard, I play hard, I enjoy many things. I love the Lord and strive to live my life so I can live with him again. I am able to choose what I want and do not want to do. I am dedicated to my husband and my family and they are also dedicated to me. I am respected and loved by my husband and treated like a queen. I work with my Husband and together we have the promised blessings of enternity. I am not a subservient domesticated housewife with no voice and no power to make choices for myself or my family .We both work hard with the goal to be an eternal family. I am grateful for all the wonderful examples of strong faithful mormon women who I have had in my life. Show more Show less