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Hi I'm Kaylee

Hi, I'm Kaylee, I'm a mother of two boys, a wife of a handsome young man I met online, a foodaholic, and I'm a mormon!

About Me

Oh man, where to begin!! I'm one wild-child...well, used to be. My mother and father were members of the church when I was born, meaning in Mormon speak, I was "born into the church". But when I was about 13 years old, I decided I needed to find out for myself what I believed. I became, as we mormons call it, a "jack-mormon"...dun dun DUN!! Basically meaning, a member by name, not action. After years of living recklessly and searching different churches, I decided to look into my original religion- the Latter Day Saints. After that, everything fell into place for me, I knew that I had the truth in my life, again. Now I strive to be what we clichély refer to as a "Molly Mormon". Meaning, I live my religion in word, thought, action, dress, ect. I have completely enveloped myself in being a strong Latter Day Saint woman. I have never been more fulfilled and happy in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I can say that I thoughtfully and prayerfully CHOSE to be a member of the Mormon church, even though I was technically "born into the church". I'm a Mormon because I decided to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it, asking my Heavenly Father if it was true. I trust no one else more than I trust God, so I knew that whatever I asked Him, He would tell me the truth. And He did. I made the decision that I would continue to pray over every decision in my life at that point, I don't care if someone swears on their mother's grave that something is correct, unless I've prayed about it and got an answer for myself, I can't know for sure. I love my religion, it is a huge blessing in my life and I would do anything to be able to share the joy I have from being a Latter Day Saint with anyone!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being a diligent mother and wife. Through serving my family I am using and learning my knowledge of the gospel. Anyone can tell you that being married isn't a walk in the park, and either is raising kids, it takes dedication to get where you want to go. So every day I start with a prayer and reading the scriptures to help me get ready for my day. I believe doing this helps me be prepared to handle all of the stresses that pop-up and can make you feel unsure of what you're doing. I try to learn as much as I can about the gospel of Jesus Christ, His teachings, and how to apply them to my life. My every day interactions with not only my family, but with everyone I meet is helping me to apply His teachings in my life. Every day I live my faith to the fullest because to me, life is like trying to go up a downward moving escalator, if you aren't constantly moving forward, you start heading back down. Even taking no action at all will keep you from reaching the top.