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Hi I'm Jordan

I'm an endurance athlete, a musician, a ravenous learner and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have many interests. I discovered endurance sports in high school with cross country and track and have been in love with anything athletic and outdoors ever since. I've trained as a runner, triathlete, a cyclist, a mountain biker and a swimmer. I hope to continue competing until im an old man, and i don't think it will be a problem because i love it. Music is probably my next biggest passion. I've played guitar off and on for many years and have only recently gotten serious about learning it. I'm a huge fan of independent music and pretty anything thats trippy and different. Im always willing to look into new music to see how it makes me view the music i listen to and make differently. My latest search has been into classical music and old blues. I'm also trying to learn piano... sort of, and have recently picked up the ukelele which doesnt really count as another instrument in my book but its cool anyways. Also, I love anything (almost) to do with learning. Especially history. I've been working on developing a love for reading over the past few years. Im very interested in psychology and evolution and often read concerning both of them. Ive also been working on gaining an appreciation of classical literature such as Dostoevsky and Dickens, which isn't always super easy. I am studying business and the sciences with the hopes of becoming either a nutritionist or a doctor with my own clinic one day.

Why I am a Mormon

Oh man, so many reasons. I guess the biggest reason I am a Mormon today is the difference i feel when living the Gospel as opposed to not living it. I was born in the church and was a little rebellious as a youth and often thought i could forge a new path for myself that was better than what was presented to me by my parents. I tired many times and each time ended up feeling as if I was lacking something. When i decided to come back to church I felt a joy being around other members and in the priciples of the Gospel that i hadn't felt in years. The difference was remarkable. What sustains me intellectually to continue in the restored Gospel is the witness I feel of the Holy Ghost, especially when I read the Book of Mormon. The feelings of peace and love that i get when studying in the Book of Mormon confirm that it is the word of God to me, and it gives me the faith to push through the doubts and leaps of faith that come to all of us from time to time. With the foundational testimony that i have received from the Book of Mormon is supplemented by things I've learned at church, feelings I've felt at church and especially talks and sermons given by the living prophets during conference. In reality the only reason I am where I am today and not stuck in some other self destructive way of life that so many people in the world get stuck in is because of the love of my parents. Even through the hard times and even when they didn't know I was going through any of this they supported me and quietly nudged me back where I needed to be. After I had prepared myself adequately for my mission. I have seen MANY more instances of the truthfulness of the Gospel. There are soo many people I have met in the world whose lives would be completely altered for the better if they had been taught and applied the principals of the Gospel in their lives. Thats really what sustains me as a missionary today.

How I live my faith

Well probably the dominating aspect of how I practice my religion right now is my service as a full time missionary. I am serving in the Canada Montreal mission and was called french speaking. Which means that my full time occupation presently is teaching people these principals that I have been priviledged to learn since i was young. It is definatly the most life changing experience I've ever had and I can easily say that I've never learned more from anything else in my life, about myself and about others. Of course, it causes much spiritual growth, which can be etremely difficult and labor intensive at times but is of course always worth it. The mission is the same way I guess, very labor intensive and not easy but always worth it, especially when I see what I am becoming and helping others become. Sooo awesome. More deeply than that however, it is difficult to really say how I live my faith in a few words. I guess the biggest way any Christian lives their faith is in trying to follow the example of the Savior. Trying to have charity for others as He did and trying to have patience as He did, etc. I never really saw the huge gulf between myself and the savior until the mission. Its very humbling to realize how far you have to go sometimes and its necessary to look at the progress you have made to keep your spirits high. The biggest thing I'm trying to do now is love and serve others as Christ did, which is probably the hallmark trait of a Christian. Very difficult but totally worth it.