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Hi I'm Erin

I dream in recipes. I cry when I pray. I do my best mothering between 4 and 9am. My chipped cup runneth WAY over! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My ancestors came on the Mayflower, or walked across the American plains at 6 yrs. old, or were born the 11th(?) child of a second wife in a tent in Mexico. I was lovingly raised by 2 singing teachers in the heart of mormonland (Provo). I went from being embarassed by my Dad's and Mom's vibrato when they sang in church, to being a gratefully rejoicing choir alto myself. I learned from my parents (and they from theirs) to want to create lives for more people. My parents are still both students and teachers of how to entice the best strengths out of souls. . .from their voices or their choices. Now that's my job too. . .all day long: Life coach/experience planner for 6 semi-new people. I wake up at 3am dreaming of how to make food to keep 8 tongues happy, and 8 bodies functioning peacefully. I regularly study a huge wall calendar filled with circled appointments and arrows. I try to remember not to forgot who needs to go where. I am supported in my masterpiece creating project by a prickly cheeked, efficient and clever, grown-up-little-boy other half. We finish each others sentences in Deutsch and Francais, and "swedish chef". We aren't really sure the "80's" need to be called "retro" because they haven't really been past for very long. Joseph is the accompanist that makes our family music harmoniously strong. I love to be the pulse planner of a home. I am the servant-queen. I am climbing my Everest and changing history one crazy calendar day at a time.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents successfully created a home where we lived "orthodox mormon" traditions: church every week (even on vacation), be willing to create music or activities for church meetings whenever asked, pay 10% of your birthday money to the bishop, question whether eating "jamocha almond fudge" is like drinking coffee etc. My parents happily followed these life-guidelines and so did I. Thank Heaven that the first Mormon tradition ever created is to ask God when you lack wisdom (see Joseph Smith story). I always knew that Heaven was waiting for me to come to it for my own light. I loved (and still love) hearing the pure, open testimonies of my brothers and sisters in the church. I could tell that the doors of their lives hinged on the moments when God answered their pleas to know whether Joseph Smith and the restored gospel were real and important. When you are a teenager, you don't feel proud to march to your parent's drum, and the foolishness and flaws of people around you crowd your eyes. I was bored and restless at church. I knew I was safe to question whether the church was fake, but I hoped it wasn't . As I finally turned inwardly to Heavenly Father and asked to see my religion through his eyes, I began to see the loving light that shone into life through the truths Joseph Smith was allowed to restore: Heavenly Father created Earth to teach us because (like my earthly Dad) He loves the growth of souls. . .He is made joyful as He watches Sons and Daughters become soul raisers! I felt His indestructible and immovable interest in my ability to love other's souls. I love that Jesus shares his Father's willingness to design worlds for us. He meekly gave Himself to enable every soul through any experience necessary to become as joyful as He and our Father are. I am a Mormon because I am counting on the Savior to use the truth, the church, and every moment of life to make me and my family pure enough to be joyful in our Heavenly Parents' company again.

How I live my faith

I throw lunch and breakfast together for my 2 teen boys before I drive them to a morning religion class before high school. We take turns praying in the car while I drive them up the hill, and I feel like Heaven "anoints my head with oil" as I hear them pray to be able to be loving examples to their peers. I get on my "wicked witch of the West" bike at 6ish in the a.m. on saturdays, and pedal over to the temple. I feel a confirmation of the worth of each ordinary and weak being who ever experienced this life in the quiet holy ordinances performed there for souls who are finished with Earth. I'm amazed by the Savior's plan for goodness and growth to be enticed out of EVERY willing soul. I know the dinner table, passenger seat, and bedside are where Heavenly Father teaches me and my children many of the heart lessons of becoming like Him. I feel like a queen on a holy quest as I try to listen to the wise whisperings of the Holy Spirit as a Mother. I know God has known the souls in my home forever before they ever showed up in my womb or my kitchen. I try to be an unafraid helper as He teaches them to be lovers of goodness and truth through me. I try to remember to be meek and brave like Jesus as I look my fellow earthlings in the eye and try to picture what Heavenly Father is teaching them. It scares me sometimes to be responsible for people's feelings about God and His church until I remember that I am my Heavenly Parents' child and children aren't supposed to be good at everything automatically. Children of Heavenly Parents also get to repent and try again. . .Jesus understood that our souls need that wiggle room to learn. I try to be generous enough to allow others the wiggle room that Jesus' atonement has gently allowed me. I love being part of the process of growing my own and others' souls until we understand and love God perfectly and joyfully somewhere down the road of forever.