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Hi I'm Omar

I am from Mexico City, I love nature and science, I'm serving people in Montreal, and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I grew up in Mexico city, There are 6 people in my family. Two brothers, one sister and my parents. Since I was a child my family taught me excellent principles that helped and still help me to be a good person regardless of where and who I am with. I love to be with my family members and friends, they always inspire me and give me constant support and happiness. I love school, sometimes I ask myself if I might be a nerd, I hope not, but I definitely like to work hard to get good grades. I love history, archaeology, sciences, nature, wow, many different subjects but there is nothing more important to me than the fact to make the right choices for my life and others' lives. Sports?, I am not really good at it but I love to swim, I think all started when my father, having heard about babies knowing naturally how to swim, "threw me" in a swimming pool when I was four months old. I think I will study geophysics, the earth study from its center to its atmosphere. I would like to develop different programs which help to keep our earth in "good shape".

Why I am a Mormon

My Dad lost his only brother, he was killed leaving one wife and five children. My Dad was devastated and it made him ask himself why God permits these things to happen. He even asked himself what he could do for us, his brother's family and my deceased uncle. He passed near a latter-day saints (Mormon) church one Sunday and decided to go in. He invited two young men (our dear missionaries) to go to my house and teach his family about the purpose of life. My mother disagreed with my father, nevertheless she listened to the message the missionaries wanted to share with us. After three weeks of reading the Book of Mormon and pondering in its message my whole family was baptized in 2006. My father loves the church, my mother loves the church but you may ask why I love the church and why I am a Mormon. I decided to find out if the things the missionaries were teaching my family were true, I decided to surf the internet web looking for answers, I didn't find anything good in there. I decided then to take the Book of Mormon seriously and experience for myself if that book was true. Even if I wasn't a true God believer or a fan of religions I was determined to know the truthfulness of this "Mormon" church. I received an answer. I did receive it, and I can even today feel the love and peace I felt in my heart, the surety I received that the Book of Mormon was true when I was just 15 years old. As a consequence I knew, by the same means that Jesus Christ really came to the earth, that God really exists and that he spoke to a young man called Joseph Smith. I know these things to be true.

How I live my faith

Have you ever wondered how we can have success in life? Or have you ever wondered how we can find true happiness? I know where to find them. When the time came to attend college my teachers offered me a scholarship, everything paid, to study during five years in France. If I accepted, I would have the opportunity to finish my professional career with a master degree. At the same time my friends and church leaders started talking with me about serving a full-time mission. My choice was clear, I decided to serve a 24 month mission and be a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, I was assigned to serve in the Canada Montreal Mission. Why? The restored Gospel of Jesus Christ help us to understand why we should live and face all the trials in life and how we can improve our quality of life. I know I am not perfect, I have many things to change, but Jesus Christ is my example and I want to be like him, loving, perfect, charitable, and patient. I want to inspire others to live righteous lives, I want to inspire my friends and family to make good choices. I want to help the people around the world to realize how special each one of us is and how a great potential we have. Being Chistlike is cool! I love the feeling of doing what is right. I know I contribute to create a better world. The change starts in me and amazingly it extends to the people around us. Helping people, our fellows, that's what motivate me to live and work. This world can change and we can all live in perfect harmony, everything starts with oneself. Let's go beyond the limits of human understanding. Let's overcome our natural selfishness and help one another. Let's smile and lift up somebody else. Tell me if it is worthy to serve a mission? Or do you think I should have accepted the scholarship? I don't think so, opportunities to study there are many, but serve my brothers and sisters with all my heart, might, mind and strength is a special and unique experience.