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Hi I'm Jared

I'm a cowboy, I'm a carpenter, I'm a wrestler and a student, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love the outdoors! I love shooting and fourwheeling, rock climbing and river rafting, camping and sports, and I love being with family and I love dating :) I'm currently going to college and I work two jobs: carpentry and finance. I am the sixth of seven children and I currently have twelve nieces and nephews. Family is everything to me!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a spiritual family. I always liked the church but I didn't know if it was God's or just a tradition of my family that I was comfortable with. When I was a teenager, I came home from a weekend with a wrestling buddy and his family, feeling like his family was so unhappy. I wondered why mine seemed happier. I went and told my father that even if this church wasn't the true church that Christ set up it still seems to make happier people. My dad told me that there is a difference between lasting happiness and pleasure; pleasure feels good in the moment but that is all, and lasting happiness only comes from living God's plan and keeping His commandments. He said it is great that I recognized the happiness the church brings but that isn't enough. "You have to get your own testimony of truth". God is perfect, that means that there is a right and a wrong to every question. God is full of truth and light, and happiness comes as we find and live truth. This set me on personal quest that lasted years, to discover what God wanted for me and what He wanted me to do and choose. I wasn't looking for the church or path that fit where I already was, I needed to know God's truth. I began studying the Bible and the Book of Mormon every day, I started visiting lots of different churches and started participating instead of sitting on the sidelines. I prayed every day and I pled with God to show me what His path was and promised Him that if He would reveal it to me, I would live it and would put His ways above everyone else's, including my family's and my own. I have studied the scriptures every day for years now, and memorized a scripture a day for more than two years. Of all the churches I visited during my scripture study, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only one that teaches as doctrine that families can be together forever. I have had so many experiences and answers from God that I cannot deny that this is His church, His truth, and His path.

How I live my faith

Like everyone, it is a battle for me everyday to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. It isn't the easiest thing in the world, but it is the happiest. :) I read scriptures and pray everyday, I attend all my church meetings and try to be to all the activities. I visit with other members of the church regularly to study together and strengthen each other. I try to share the happiness the gospel has given me whenever the opportunity arises. I put together game nights or social events for people to build new friendships and relationships. I fall short constantly, but that is one of the most incredible things about the gospel; the Savior has made it possible for us to return to live with God and our families forever. We don't have to be perfect, we just have to try to be :) I like to think of it like a wrestling match or a boxing match. You are going to get knocked down, but no matter how many times you fall God has promised that if you get back up (through repentance) then we will win the battle. We only lose when we stop trying and stay down.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

When I was seven or so, my mother asked me to mop the kitchen floor and she took out the mop and bucket and showed me how to do it, then she said she had to leave to the store and she would like the floor mopped by the time she returns in an hour. I tried it her way and decided it wasn't any fun. So I threw the water all over the floor after I moved the table and chairs and I put rags in each of my hands and used the floor as a slip'n'slide :) When my mom got home I told her how much I enjoyed that chore and she was really excited... until she saw that her cabinets were wet and the floor was still very wet and still dirty. Baptism, like all the ordinances or ceremonies God asks us to do, is very similar to this experience. God sent His son Jesus Christ to show us how to be baptized, that it was by immersion and by someone to had authority from God to do (John the baptist), and then He left and asked us to have these things done by the time He returned. Even if we have good intentions, just as I did with my attempts to mop the floor, if it isn't done the way the Savior asks and commands, then it is not accepted of him, just as my mom didn't accept the job I had done on the kitchen floor. If police officers and really any form of regulation responsibilities in this world requires authority, then of coarse things of an eternal nature will also require authority. Show more Show less