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Hi I'm Shane

I'm a husband, father, educator, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been a life-long student. I've always enjoyed learning and working with other people. Let lead me to become an educator and coach. After teaching and coaching for 8 years I made the leap into administration. With my loving wife and wonderful children we have now lived in 3 different Western states where I have worked as a high school administrator. The opportunity to work with our wonderful youth on a daily basis is a true dream. I learn each and every day from our youth not only about learning but about relationships as well. I watch and try to help as students experience drama in their lives. I know in my heart that our Heavenly Father truly loves each one of these young adults and that Christ knows and has felt their pains. I am working to create an educational climate that will allow all students to succeed and stretch their abilities to the next level. This means we must listen to them and allow their creativity and curiosity lead them to solutions for the problems today and in the future. I pray each day that they may be kept safe and have those earthly items needed to sustain life. While at the same time praying that they may feel of God's love for them and know that THEY matter to him.

Why I am a Mormon

My father passed away in a truck accident just prior to my birth. My older brother passed away a year after my birth. My amazing mother not only survived these tragedies in our lives but raised me as a single mother. I knew of her love for me and also her love of my father and brother. She taught me early that a family can be eternal and that I would have the opportunity to see and be with my family after I die. I always just knew that this was true. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I ever questioned my mothers words. Throwing a minor pity party for myself I figured that my life had been so hard because I never had a father (later I would experience just how good I had it). I was mad at the world and mad at God for not allowing me to experience a life with a father and brother. I believed that my life would have been more full or enriching to have that experience. In desperation one day I knelt down to pray, well, not really to pray, more to complain to God. After expressing my anger and crying past the point of tears I felt resolved. It was a surprise to me that after all of that I felt warm. Nothing earth shattering. I saw no image, heard no voice, and felt nothing but love. How was this possible that I felt nothing but my Heavenly Father's love. Somehow I found more tears and expressed my gratitude back to him. I know that our Father in Heaven loves each one of us. We are his children. As I raise my own earthly family I start to understand a fraction of what that love looks like, as I allow my children to struggle through their choices, to challenge themselves, and to find their own testimony of Christ. I am a Mormon because I know that God loves each of us so much that he would not seal the heavens from his presence. I am a Mormon because my mother taught me Christs doctrines and I have challenged and tried each of them, finding that the only truth comes in his doctrine. I am a Mormon because it is TRUE!

How I live my faith

I have been called by men who hold the Priesthood of God to work with the youth in our area. This in conjunction with my chosen occupation has allowed me to see the strength of this rising generation. To see their excitement and vigor for life. I watched as a group of teenagers organized and facilitated service projects for over 80 families and homes in our community. They painted houses, prepared and poured cement driveways, re-roofed homes, installed sprinkler systems, and performed numberless hours of yard work. This they did while representing the name of Jesus Christ. As a father I take the opportunity to gather my family together every Monday to learn about Christ and to sing and play together. We call this Family Home Evening, and we take turn saying the prayers, singing songs / hymns, preparing the lesson, making the treat, and planning a game or activity. I love watching my young children teach me of their love of the Savior and to sing the songs of his love. This is my greatest responsibility and fulfillment in life. I know that through the atonement of Christ we will all live again and that as we progress through our earthly experience we have the opportunity to embrace his gospel and strive to live in such a way that we will live again in his presence with our families.