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Hi I'm Chris

I grew up in Northwest Indiana, I'm a musician, I now work for a law firm in Cincinnati , Ohio.......and yes - I am a Mormon.

About Me

I work as a collector for a law firm, which is actually fitting....almost every job I've ever had has involved me speaking with people, lol....or being in front of people. I'm very comfortable there. I'm also a musician...I've been playing guitar since I was about 10 years old, this is a huge part of my personality. If I can't be creative, then I'm not completely happy. I also like to sketch, draw and paint (although, I've not been able to do that as much as I'd like lately). I'm also engaged to an incredible, loving woman...I actually moved away from my home state to be with her! I like to read, love history, researching family history, I'm also a pretty good cook (or so I've been told)...and I would also have to say I'm someone who is a deep thinker who doesn't shy away from difficult topics or conversations, which comes in pretty handy when talking with people who arent quite comfortable with the message of the Mormon Church. I really love meeting and talking with new people and discussing what brought us to where we are today.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a Catholic. I was an alter boy and everything...it was the only path to the Lord that I knew, I never questioned anything...because I was told not to. When I graduated high school I went down a bad path and...very nearly ended my life. When I decided to begin finding my way back, I sought the help of the only church I knew - the Catholic church. But, instead of finding love, wisdom, and the guidance I was looking for, all that was given to me was shame and guilt. I was forced to ask myself "Is this really the Jesus I learned about, is really how the Savior treats his wayward lambs?" At that moment I chose to begin a journey to find the real, Living Jesus. Rather than turn my back on the Spirit, I completely threw myself into learning about the historic Jesus. I read anything I could get my hands on about him, his culture, his message. And what I found was someone, in spite of growing up Catholic, I had never met before! His message wasn't one of guilt, shame or anger...It was a message of a love so deep, I simply couldn't absorb it all. You'd think that once I came to this realization that I would just find my way, right? No. It was then everything in my life began to fall apart. My Mother became the victim of a fraudulent contractor, our home was destroyed, I lost everything in my life. Just when I thought all was lost, and that I'd burned every bridge and was lost beyond finding...I got down on my knees and called out to the Lord. I begged him with all my strength to forgive my despair and give me some sign of what to do. I told him that whatever path he set before me I would follow. There was a feeling where everything went quiet. My mind wasn't racing anymore, and my tears were stopped by the feeling of being held and in the presence of the Living Messiah, a commercial for "Finding Faith In Christ" came on the t.v. - and a still, small voice in my heart said "My precious child, I am with you...this is the sign - Follow me."

How I live my faith

I wish I could be so much more active in my ward than I am. But with the demands of my work and family schedule, I am limited. Right now I read my scriptures, and have incredible discussions with my ward missionaries. I don't really know many people in my new ward, but am praying for that to change. I was much more active in the branch I came from in Indiana, and I miss that part of my life deeply. So, for the time being, I live my faith on a daily basis by study, prayer, living to be the best example for my family, and a positive example for the people I work with. In short...I strive to be the best Christian and Mormon that I can be with the knowledge my humble mind has, and all the love my heart has to give.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

I think the official explanation serves best. But if would add anything, it would be that our Father in Heaven has always chosen to communcate with his children here on Earth. He has always chosen the most pure and righteous to carry his message (because nothing sinful can be in the presence of the Almighty).....Why would he simply stop speaking to his faithful in a time when we need him the most? As a parent, if your children were facing the MOST perillous time of their lives, would you just stop talking to them, stop guiding them and hope they make it through uninjured and undamaged spiritually? Of course not......we are imperfect yet know how to do what is good for our children.....How much more than, will our Heavenly Father - who IS perfect - do for his children during these most perillous times..... Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

I know that to most not familiar with our scriptures, the perception can sometimes be one of confusion and trepedation. But what you find once you begin to read the Book of Mormon, is the very clear realization that this book could NOT be the mere invention of a young man from the 1800's who barely had a 6th grade education equivelent to those times. What I found is a collection of writings which worship, revere, and give glory and praise to the God of the Old and New Testements, the Holy One of Israel, the One who loved us so much that he gave His only begotten Son as a sacrifice to attone for ou sins and bring us back into a state of grace with our Heavenly Father and to give us eternal life. This Book does not take away anything from the Bible most of us know, in fact it is the thing which puts all the missing pieces of the puzzle into place. The Book of Mormon gives to the world the fullness and most complete Gospel as it was intended to be from the foundations of creation. The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, The Bible are a precious gift, and (collectively) the greatest love-letter mankind will ever know. The Bible - yes, it IS Holy Scripture, it IS the word of God and carries his message of love, his laws, and his promise of forgiveness and eternal life for those who believe. The Book of Mormon is another testement of the ministry of the Holy Savior and of the people here in the ancient Americas who recieved his message. Show more Show less