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Hi I'm Alex T. Fielding

I am currently sirving a mission, befor that i was a Mc Donaled employ and on my free time i was Gamming. I am Mormon

About Me

Curently serving a mission out in Caly. River side. Serving the lord for a short season of 2 years. thank you for taking the time to read this, if your wondering if i am wirred your darn right i am... well i can share a few things about me that could have you agree with me, like i dip my pizza in cholate milk. and i have 19 face book profiles. Who dose that???? lol i have 2 websites about me, mostly my jurrnal entries from the past years or so... read them if you wish. my intrestes are Gamming, mostly Halo (ingeneral) and BadCompainy/ Battle Field. I like to game since it helps me reallies how short your life can be in war, and how to also improve you, like my reaction skill to a few things (yea i got ninja skills from gamming) also halo Reach lets me "play god" and its realy fun to build invirements and places of living. Bad Compainy enjoyable from its realistic sniping my skills are varyes from Hunting, to massuage theropy. most people say "think out side the Box" but ill tell you, I Am the Box, to out think me is a real chalange. Hey if your still wondering take a look at. " www.clan323.webs.com " or " www.Nothing323.webs.com " Yea my gammer name is Nothing... and im part of a gaming club... the 323, its a group of people who have honnor in gamming, nothing more... or contrary to the Mormon way of life/ church. ill see you online in a few years, after i serive our lord and master. Jessus Christ. Elder Fielding Nothing

Why I am a Mormon

okay, one of my God given gifts is "prayer" i understand and have knowen their was a god from my 3rd earlist memmori, ever sents then I have prayed, and know he awnser my prayers. Prayer to me, and the view of the LDS church is, a Comunication between our heavnly Father, and Me (and you). just recintly I have more fuly understand that concept. i have not spoken to my parents and faimly for about 3 month (on going for 2 years) our only communcation is Emails once a week and Writing letters to each other (and 2 Skypes/phone calls a year[mothers day & christmas]). and ive leared that i realy mis my family and that i realy want to toke to them and they want to talk to me. so i write them often. Now! Our Heavnly Father misses us and Blesses us when ever he can, and realy wants o hear from us, (a Letter to him) so he wants us to pray. and i thought about it, what if i Never sent a letter or an Email home, they whould mis me more, and i would be lost about them, and when i pray its like Stregthing my Relation ship with my faimly, Just like Noble misnarys try to just help us relies this and streth our relation ship with God. I hope and pray you understand how importint it is to pray.

How I live my faith

ummm... yea. i just live it, mostly thou finding ways to help and servie others even durring my job. i try to make people smile or laughf when i see them. one activity befor i whint on my mission, is a Elders Quorum bonding activity, its alwas fun or neat and the objective is to "bond" in a brotherly way. "what do you do?" we go shoting ^.^ we head of in the middle of now whear and, light things up! with ammuntion. most brothers their are military or fedural agents with a few guns or knows how to use one. we do other things like go to football games or what ever sport season it is, and have fun with out achohal. ive been asked if its borring, but ive also been to Nonsober partys and their not as fun then to chill with good freinds. we try new things out and have a understanding of safty and gone wild fun.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Alex T. Fielding
paying 2 years of serive to the lord my God, who is almighty. what would you sell your soul for today? or will you take the free gift of the Atonment and applie it in your life today? Show more Show less