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Hi I'm Jennifer

As a homemaker & a student with a great husband and 3 fabulous children, I found a church that helped me be the best I could be.

About Me

I'm a 42-yr old wife and a mother of three fabulous children. Although I'm technically an "at-home" mom, I'm busy outside the home. My husband and I own a massage facility, I volunteer for a variety of community organizations, and I'm also a part-time student at a local college earning my Humanities degree. I enjoy hiking, helping my family stay organized, and being in tune with my kids. For someone who originally never wanted children I have to say that I couldn't imagine how happy being a wife and mother would make me!

Why I am a Mormon

Although church was not important in my family growing up, I always believed in Jesus Christ. I never felt alone & I felt a great sense of individual worth & an even greater sense of excitement & joy for living - I was very enthusiastic! This helped me through some rough times & helped me appreciate the good times. Besides the typical childhood interests - sports, going to the beach, watching music videos, & hanging out with friends, I found myself attending churches often; by myself, mostly, but sometimes with friends. I enjoyed new experiences & meeting people. I also had a sneaky suspicion that my parents' way of life wasn't the norm, so I was always curious as to how "other people" lived. I had the unique opportunity to observe people from all walks of life. Everywhere I looked I saw the diversity of humanity! I remember at a very young age making decisions about how I was going to live my life. One of those decisions was that I would never have children. While I enjoyed life, I was too aware of the pain I saw everywhere; hunger, homelessness, abuse, loneliness, etc. - it all made me think, "How can I bring a child into this world?" So I went on living, independent, accountable only to myself and God. Although I didn't always stick to the "straight and narrow" I lived honestly and openly. Well, surprise! A few years later I became a young (22 yrs old), unmarried pregnant woman. The first thing I asked of my boyfriend was for us to pray - that God would help us be the best parents we could be; help us to be teachable & open to new things. Yes, I was scared, but I felt confident that with the help of God & good people around us, we would be able to raise a happy child. I also felt the need to research various churches to attend. My boyfriend's family, some who were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, & others who weren't, introduced me to this church. Three yrs later, my boyfriend & I were married (with one more child) and I was baptized.

How I live my faith

I look at being a mother as the best opportunity to live my faith and serve God. With God's help and thanks to my husband's support I am able to be an at-home mom! This enables me to be there for my children. Being there for the "small" things in their lives is important. They're aware that I know what's going on in their lives and that they matter. And even though my husband is Agnostic, our three children, now 17, 15, & 10, and I attend church regularly. Each of us are involved with church activities. I try to help my children notice and appreciate the diversity in everyone. And I get to help our children celebrate life, to view obstacles as opportunities for personal growth, and to experience all the joys God has to offer us on this Earth. Showing empathy and compassion are regular topics in our home. When our family hikes the nearby trails, swims in the ocean, or travels to other cultures, I point out God's beauty. When we study life sciences, I point out God's mastery. Education and self-improvement are key motivators for us; it's our way of showing gratitude for everything God has given us. When we have fun together and feel the love we have for each other, we get a glimpse of God's love for us. We also serve when we can, taking advantage of the many opportunities around us often - gladly sacrificing our time and talents to do so. We also take breaks together :-). I try to live my life in a way that is pleasing to my Father in Heaven. I know that if I can do my best, my family will benefit, which benefits me! I hope my children learn by my good examples (and I hope they forgive my bad ones) and by the variety of examples of the people we attend church with. I am grateful that I was introduced to this church. I am grateful for my amazing array of friends and my meaningful support system. I have had the most incredible opportunity for growth and joy as a member of this church. And I'm so grateful that I chose to be a wife & mother.