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Hi I'm Marissa

I was born as a member of the Church and raised in Arkansas. I am a musician and I write music.I'm a Mormon:D

About Me

I am a college student and double majoring in music education and performance in bassoon:) I play the Bassoon, piano, tune pianos, sing, and I write music. I love music with every fiber of my being just as I do the gospel. I also enjoy wood carving, softball, hiking, biking, and listening to books so I can multi-task. I love spending time with my family. I also know without a doubt that the gospel is true and I love it!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up a member of the Church and always had a pretty good knowledge of the gospel and had a decent testimony. As I got older and busier it was about the time President Hinkley gave the challenge to read the Book of Mormon in a year, I started late in August because my friends were doing the challenge at school and I thought it was a good idea. I was doing well and then got stuck in Alma and also became lazy in my scripture study, which I had never been really good at, but I always said my prayers. I eventually stopped reading on a regular basis. I felt the effects. I lost my testimony after a while and only went to Church because it's what my parents wanted me to do, I didn't have anything better to do, and I couldn't drive because I was too young so I just went with my family. The summer I before I started high school I was visiting some family members and was at Church and in Young Women's and the lesson was not really related to anything I was going through, but I was struck with such a powerful feeling of the spirit that I had realized how far I had gone from where I used to be. So when I went home that night and said my prayers I prayed like never before and for the first time I truly exercised the Atonement and felt its power when I tangibly felt a weight I had not noticed was there until it was lifted. I then began to read my scriptures daily and could not sleep unless I had done so. I also became very aware of how I was doing spiritually. Most days would often end where I felt very troubled. So I would finish my day by reading my scriptures and as soon as I started to read and ponder them I would be filled with peace, this is true to this day. From then on I began to strengthen my testimony and learn everything I could about the gospel. I now have a burning testimony and I CHOOSE to be a Mormon because it brings me peace and makes me truly happy. My life is not perfect but it is good because of the gospel. I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart! :D

How I live my faith

I am the secretary of the women's organization for the Young Single Adults Branch that I am in. I send out announcements every week for upcoming events and make sure that the women have the correct details for these events.I visit teach my Branch Presidents' wife with one of my best friends. When we visit her every month I know it is supposed to be for her but I often feel like it's for me and that I get more out of visiting her than she does from me.She is an amazing lady and I am honored to be able to teach her every month and get to learn bits of wisdom from her. Now that I am in college I hardly see any Mormons around campus, which is very different from high school because there I used to have at least ONE Mormon in EVERY class. Going into college was a little difficult because I never saw any of my friends and was basically friendless. Then, I went to our church's scripture study class for young adults and immediately started to make friends. This helped me a lot because although I really wouldn't ever see them around campus I knew that I had friends at school. College students can be quite scary at times and I have had to find the courage to stay strong and stand up for what I believe in when so many others just don't understand. I often have to explain why I don't drink alcohol, drink caffeine, smoke, do drugs, or have premarital sex to college students who do one or all of those frequently,they just don't seem to understand.They also don't seem to understand why I choose to dress modestly and try so hard to live what I believe on a daily basis.This is why: I know that by truly living what I believe that I can become closer to Jesus Christ because I do what He asks of me.By trying to live by His example and become more like Him I become closer to Him.I have been able to learn for myself that Heavenly Father lives and loves me, He is always there for me, as is Jesus Christ. Knowing this is why I try to be like Him, because I love Him.I want to return to Him.