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Hi I'm Jim

I played football and threw the hammer at B.Y.U. I am a seminary teacher. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a religious educator for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This means I get to teach high school-aged youth religion classes. This year we are teaching the Old Testament. Next year we will be teaching the New Testament, then the Book of Mormon the following year, and then finally Church History/Doctrine and Covenants. In areas where there are many members of the church, we have released-time seminary programs adjacent to the local high schools. Students are released from the school for one period during their school day to attend these classes. In areas where there are not many members of the church, early morning or homestudy programs are established. My education includes a bachelor of science degree from Brigham Young University in Wildlife Biology and a Masters or Arts degree in Education from Boise State University. I am a father of four children, one boy and three daughters, ages 13 down to 7. Our children's pets include a guinea pig, a corn snake, a crested gecko, a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, a Dojo loach fish, and a cat named fluffenutters. We love to camp and go fishing together as a family. My best friend in the whole world is my wife and sweetheart of 18 years. We love organizing and improving our home and yard together.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by my faithful parents. My mother has a long history of the Church in her family, whereas my father is a convert to the Church when he was 16 years old. Like any child who grows up with his parents' religion, I never really questioned it's truthfulness when I was young. However, as I grew older into my teen years, I began to realize for myself that the truths and values I was taught over the years were indeed true. I could see the fruits of my beliefs, which included happiness, peace, and a healthy body. In contrast, I saw many of my friends who didn't embrace the truths and values I had for myself, and saw many of them get involved in addictive and depressing habits and practices. Towards the tail end of my teen years my testimony of this gospel deepened even further. I came to know that this Church is more than just another nice church to belong to. I came to know for myself that this really is Jesus Christ's Church restored on the earth once again and that we are guided by living prophets today, as in New Testament times. Most importantly, I came to know for myself from the Bible and the Book of Mormon that Jesus really is the Christ, the very Son of God and the Savior of all mankind. This "official" testimony I think has always been a part of my life, however, I realized I knew these things to be true when I was in the Missionary Training Center, preparing for my two-year mission to the Philippines. I thought that I needed to pray to Heavenly Father and receive a confirmation that what I was to teach for two years was true. When I prayed about this, I had an powerful confirmation by the Holy Ghost that almost said in words to my heart and mind, "You have always known this to be true!" Perhaps the greatest reason I am a member is because of my deep love for my family and my desire to be with them forever, not till death do us part, made only possible by my temple marriage to my wife.

How I live my faith

Everything I do to live my faith is measured against and influenced by the perfect example for all mankind, Jesus Christ. Because Jesus Christ prayed often to the Father, I begin and end each day with personal prayer to Heavenly Father and I close those prayers in the name of Jesus Christ. In those prayers I take the opportunity to thank Heavenly Father for all of my blessings. I also ask Him for strength to do what is right and ask forgiveness of the things that I have done wrong. I pray for my family and for success in my profession and church callings. I pray for those that I know who are struggling with things in their lives. I also pray often throughout the day when I am discouraged or feeling tempted to do wrong. We also pray as a family each night together before bed time. Each member of the family takes turns each night to be the voice for that prayer. I also search the scriptures daily, usually before I close the day with prayer. As I search the scriptures, I am pondering what I need to do or what I need change in my life. I listen carefully to any promptings, feelings, or impressions from the Holy Ghost of things I need to do or change. We also read the scriptures together as a family each night before our family prayer. I also live my faith by trying to do as Jesus did--serving my fellow man. I do this by striving to be the very best neighbor I can be, looking for needs and helping where I can. I also donate 10% of my income, being obedient to the law of tithing, which helps provide funds for church buildings and associated expenses all for the Church all over the world. On the first Sunday of the month, our family goes without food for 24 hours, during which fasting period we pray for specific blessings we desire. The money saved from not eating two meals then goes to the bishop who helps the poor and needy with their unmet needs. The Church encourages to give more than that minimum, which we do. We also attend church every Sunday.