What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Holly.

I’m a student, a feminist, a singer, a friend, a sometimes-vegetarian, and I’m a Mormon.

About Me

Hi, I’m Holly. I’m college student studying sociology and women’s studies. I enjoy reading, hiking, history, singing, and making soup. I work in a bookstore. I've been transplanted back to my native Utah, and I've learned to love it here.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon by birth and heritage, and I stay a Mormon because of the compelling truths that I find in our doctrine. I see incredible potential for the gospel to transform our lives and how we interact with each other. Mormonism gives me hope for improving myself and this world. The belief that God is deeply involved in our suffering provides me hope and fortitude in the face of difficult times. I find the doctrines of agency and pre-existence particularly compelling here. They help me make meaning in my life and respond to the reality of suffering with hope and empathy. A God who is vulnerable and empathic to human pain offers me hope in a world where injustice and unfairness abound. We are all so cruel to each other. Like it says in Moses, we are “without affection and hate our own blood” (Moses 7:33). Even our best efforts and intentions seem woefully inadequate. I find strength in my belief in a God who knows the world intimately and cares for us all, who is not removed or distant from this struggle of humanity, but right in the center of it. The communal focus of the Mormon worldview is powerful to me. We are saved together, sealing everyone into a great chain of the whole human family. The struggle to build a Zion-like society is at the heart of the gospel. I love this integration of the sacred and the mundane that involves us in each others' lives in everyday tasks and difficulties as well as in our soaring spiritual aspirations. Mormonism espouses a fairly radical view of personal revelation. We each can have speak with God. Asking bold questions is at the heart of Mormonism and requires immense faith. The scriptures tell us to ask, seek, and knock. I think that is beautiful and empowering. I see the Restoration as part of a continuing divine unfolding working in the world, and I love that I have the chance to be a part of it.

How I live my faith

I’ve served as a ward historian and a member of my ward council. I’ve also been a visiting teacher. I have a strong conviction that this system of watch-care is a beautiful and inspired practice. Visiting teaching has helped me to develop empathy and given me opportunities to serve my neighbors. Right now, I’m getting ready to serve as a full-time missionary in Ventura, California, speaking Spanish. I’m excited to share what I find compelling about Mormonism with other people, and to be able to hear their stories and serve where I can. I have experienced clinical depression and I rely on my faith to give me strength to overcome the pull of meaninglessness that was my experience with depression. I still struggle with anxiety, and I find God in the moments when I am able to lean into that discomfort and just sit with the pain. I live my faith when I’m able to do that, for myself or for other people.

What is the Relief Society?

The Relief Society is amazing! It is an organization created by women for women, brought into the church by the prophet Joseph Smith. From its origins in the early church, the Relief Society has focused on service for those in need, and that is a mission that inspires me regularly. The original minutes of the Relief Society can be found online at the Joseph Smith Papers Project. They detail the grand vision of the spiritual power and mission that women have in the LDS church as well as their ability and responsibility to bless the people who surround them in their lives. I serve as a visiting teacher through the Relief Society, and that is a small way that I am continually involved in this incredible mission to dispense “charity that never faileth.” Show more Show less