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Hi I'm Joseph S. Pickens

I was Born in Idaho falls, I grew up in Idaho, Utah, and Nevada. I love writing & reading any genre. I'm a Mormon & a Missionary.

About Me

I was usually bullied in school because I was kind to everyone around me, when I went to High School one of my friends was bullied worse than me, but I put a stop to it. I've always loved writing, I am now working on many books, the one I work on most (only on P-Day or any other time I get the chance). Now I am serving a Mission at the Nevada Reno Mission. Our P-Day is when we get to get ready for the next week by doing laundry, shopping, sports (non competitive and approved), and other things.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, which isn't easy to gain a testimony at times because you first rely on others (more than likely your parents testimony) The event that made it so I had a testimony and didn't rely on my parents testimony was on a trip. I was playing alongside the Snake River (which kills alot of people each year) and my family were fishing with some friends, I fell into the water, and started to feel colder than usual, It also started to get darker very rapidly, it got even worse, I couldn't move. A thought that was not my own came into my mind and said, "your not going to make it, give up." I became scared and so I prayed to Heavenly Father for help. This being started to laugh in my head, and I felt as though I wasn't going to make it. The first person faded, and another voice came into my head saying, "Be at peace, for you are loved, look up!" I did as I was told and looked and saw arms come around me. Then I was pulled out of the water. My mom told me that she had a feeling that I was lost, so she started to look for me, she pulled back the weeds at the bank of the river and saw me. My mom was so stunned that she couldn't move, but her friend was the one who jumped into the river and pulled me out. I realized a similar thing happened to Joseph Smith and that was the first vision. I decided to read The Book of Mormon cover to cover and did as the introduction and Moroni direct to pray with faith that I would recieve an answer. I did, and my testimony grew.

How I live my faith

I always make friends with anyone, and usually offer service for others. I pray for guidance, Charity, peace and any other thing anyone needs. As a Missionary, I now go and bring others closer to Christ! I do my best to serve all those that are around me.

Are Mormons Christians?

Joseph S. Pickens
Christianity today has so many conflicting definitions, in the Bible Dictionary it defines it as "A name first given to believers in Jesus Christ at Antioch in Syria, about A.D. 43 (Acts 11:26). It was perhaps given contemptuously, but was accepted by followers of Christ as a fit title. See 1Pet 4:16; Alma 46:15." We Believe in Christ, and we follow him. So, in accordance to the Bible we are in fact Christian. Like the Christians of A.D. 43 we have been called Mormon by mobs, we took that name upon ourselves gladly (just like the Christians did at Antioch with the name "Christian") although our full name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Mormon is a nickname that was given to us as a form of contempt, and hatred, which we accepted because we believe the Book of Mormon, as well as the Bible to be the word of God. Show more Show less