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Hi I'm Sean!

I'm a Mormon. I have been Mormon all my life, raised in Mesa, AZ. Serving a mission in Florida.

About Me

I am short and sweet. I am scrappy as can be, I love martial arts, am going to get involved in mountain biking. I can't wait to go to college and become a doctor. I love to eat healthy, but splurge alot! I love my family, have the utmost respect and love for my mother. I believe that God can change us into incredibly better people if we let Him. I am full of energy, love to get things done.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 14 I left my mothers home and lived with my father, I got involved in the party life. I missed school, ended up dropping out because I was so far behind. I moved back in with my mother, continued in my path. I had some horrible things take place, I had a very dark life, there was no joy, just sorrow and pain. I knew that what I was doing was wrong although I didn't want to accept that fact. I got into martial arts which helped me develop some discipline and I gained a desire to become better in many ways. I still was involved with partying but I came to the Mormon church with my mother for her birthday, and with my new desire to improve, I listened carefully to the messages shared. It intriuged me. Later that week I was involved in legal complexities which left me broken, I hit bottom, I was afraid what the results may be. I chose to attend church the following Sunday and as I listened again to the words given by members of the church during our Sacrament Meeting, I felt the Spirit of God like a fire was burning. Tears poured down my cheeks, the pain of my past flooded my mind, but the soothing relief of forgiveness and mercy calmed my wayward soul. I knew God was speaking to me, and I commited to listen and follow. As I regularly attended church and read from the scriptures, I developed joy that I have never experienced before. A new light came into my life as I lived the Gospel and as I read the Book of Mormon. I read through one night in 3 Nephi 11where Jesus Christ visits those here in America anciently, as I read the words Jesus spake I knew those were His words and His voice speaking to me. I felt the Spirit of God again confirm the truth of the Book of Mormon. I have now been actively living the gospel for two years and I am serving a mission to share the Book of Mormon with everyone. Anyone, who accepts this truth will have a better life and I guarentee Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will indeed, be well pleased. I promise that. Try it yourself.

How I live my faith

I am currently on a mission, sharing the gospel with those in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and a little part of Mississppi. I live my faith be devoting my time and talents, energy and will to God, giving others the opportunity to find out the truth of these things for themselves. I devote two complete years to talking with everyone I see about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Lord's prophet Joseph Smith. I read the scriptures everyday, and strive to find those who I can serve and do all in my power to serve them. I do it without pay and even at my family and mines expense. I do not accept money for the time I give. I will tell everyone I meet that I am a Mormon. I am pleased to be one. We help the community by providing service projects, for instance, we recently helped paint almost 200 fire hydrants, that have not been painted since 1976. We volunteer at a local lighthouse near the gulf, providing tours, information, helping cleaning and maintaining safety. We will soon be volunteering at a nursing home providing support to those who stay there and sharing love like the Savior would.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Much like an ice cream man cannot pull someone over and write a valid ticket to enforce the law, someone without authority cannot provide a proper baptism. God has His chain of command, He is organized, His servants,He will give His permisson to. This is the way God has always worked, it is how He will always work. A police officer is given authority to write a ticket and enforce the law, a ticket given by them would be valid and would hold up in court. The ice cream man's ticket would not. A baptism done by someone who does not hold the authority is just like the ticket written by the ice cream man, it doesn't count. Authority is essential to have a valid baptism that will hold up with God. Show more Show less